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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey! Remember me? ;-)

Hey there, it's been a few days. Sorry for the lack of posts, really there hasn't been much going on with my stitching so there's not much to write in regards to needle and thread. I am working on exchanges. Sorry, no photos. Nope, not one and you can't make me post any until everything is mailed and in the hands of the receiver. I've been blog reading, keeping up with all your adventures so I feel at least connected to you.

Next weekend is CATS in Hershey. I am going! YEAH! That's the big news and the BEST news is that I am going to meet up with Patti and Red and I hope a lot of other bloggers. It's going to be a special weekend, one that I richly earned and deserve for putting up with my LIFE this past year. I am looking forward to marathon stitching, chocolate (afterall, it's HERSHEY!), shopping until my checkbook screams in agony and there's not a single bit of room in my bag and spending quality time with obsessed stitchers! Oh, did I mention chocolate? ;-) and stitching? and shopping? A blissful weekend is in the making, one that I am so looking forward to experiencing! I"ve been making a list so I don't leave anything behind, I've cleaned out the digital memory in the camera, yes, there will be photos, decided what I am bringing to stitch and I am counting down the days! WOOT!!

Other than that life is still insane. The Pella guy called today, he's got my estimate done for the windows. I mentioned to the spousal unit that there may be a difference in price with these windows and we will have to sit down with the contractor to hash out who is going to pay it. The David said there will be no negotiation, we are to tell the contractor to order the windows and he gets to figure out how he's going to pay for them. E-e-ek! The stress hormones are coursing through my body now! But David is right, if John had DONE HIS JOB then we wouldn't be almost a year into this job and he wouldn't be in this spot. But this fact doesn't ease my worrying about it.

Because of all this, guess what. I've gotten into bad habits again with food. I've gained 5 pounds and that's terrible! It takes me months to lose any weight and now I've put back on 5 out of the 31 that I've lost. Plus at just under 5'1", gaining 5 pounds looks like 15 on my body. Curses! This just adds another layer of frustration on my already stressed out body. Sorry to crab about this...please forgive me.

So...that's life right now. There's more but I won't bore you with it. You've got the highlight reel and hopefully I will get back to stitching something that I can post!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you and your thoughts and comments, they always make my day!


The Queen's Stitch said...

You know, your CATS trip is EXACTLY what you need right now. It is impossible to feel down when surrounded by all of those equally obsessed stitchers! And a little stash enhancement will not hurt either. Don't worry about the 5 pounds, it's only 5, not 15, right? You can deal with it after CATS. And your windows are going to be gorgeous too and totally worth the wait, I can feel it!


Cathy said...

Have a great time in Hershey Joanie! Looking forward to your report when you get back!

Karoline said...

{{{{Joanie}}}} have a wonderful time at Cats

Von said...

Oh yeah, you need CATS! A weekend stitching with other stitching fanatics will help immensely!! You may have difficulty going home tho, lol!