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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oh the things that happen in a month's time

HI everyone...I know that I said I would post more often and here we go, a month later.  Damn life, gets in the way of all the fun.

The biggest news is that I lost one of my horses last week.  We had the vet humanely euthanize Joey on Mother's Day.  (Great day, that was). A few weeks prior, he got really depressed and we watched him for awhile. He would brighten and then seem to get deeper in his funk.  We noticed he was moving a little bit funny, he seemed to step on himself a little bit so I got a recommendation from our farrier for a vet.  I called her out on a Thursday to do an examination and it wasn't positive.  Cutting to the chase, he developed some neurological problems.  He didn't know where he was in space, whether he was up, down or sideways. That was why he was stepping all over himself.  As she put it, I had a whole horse from the ears forward.  His neurogical symptoms were severe. She thought it could be a few things, Lyme Disease, EPM or he broke a vertebrae in his neck causing pressure on his spinal cord that affected his hind quarters.  We decided to put him on bute and have him tested for lyme, which came back negative.  We never did get to test for EPM but that was a long shot because our other 2 horses exhibited no signs of the disease and they eat the same food and sleep on the same bedding. Our guess is that he injured himself or his vertebrae was compromised by his age. He was 29.
To make a very long and painful story short, he got worse as the week passed and on Saturday, Dave found him laying in his stall.  He had fallen down and couldn't get back up.  He finally got up after much exertion and Dave and I had THE DISCUSSION.  Both of us agreed that if he fell down when Dave wasn't home during the week, I couldn't handle it by myself.  So we decided to wait until Monday to do the right thing.  On Mother's Day early morning, David found him again laying in his stall.  He never got back up.  He tried but he didn't have the strength.  So we called our friend out to help us, called the vet and then had to find someone with an excavator to dig a grave.  Fortunately, someone was willing to do that.  So at 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, after many, many tears and saying good bye to him,   I let Mighty Joe Navajo pass peacefully away.

I miss him more than I can tell you and his death has really played a number on my head.
I get that he was just a horse.  But he was MY horse and until you bond with such a creature, you will never know how big of a hole you have in your heart when they are gone.  I miss his nickers when I would come into the barn and he would lay his head in my arms every morning just to say hi.  His neck was big enough to cry onto and his ears were big enough to listen to all my secrets (which he never told a soul).  He was gentle, kind and honest.  He took care of my son who was just 4 years old when he rode him in big shows in Syracuse.  He took care of me when I was scared and so was he when we tried new things.  He always gave me more than I asked for and I hope that I did the same for him.

Anyway...I'm in a small stitching slump now, I haven't picked up a needle since the first part of May.  I started another small, even though I have eleventy dozen WIPS.  I get excited when looking at all of your beautiful work and reading all of your stitchy posts but I am "MEH" when it comes to my own stitching.
I'm thinking seriously of selling off most of my stash and just keeping what I think I want.  I don't know what to do.

So, I'm going to take some pictures of what I've stitched and post them. Maybe that will help. At least I will share them with you instead of sad news.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Geez, Louise!  It's been a LONG time, hasn't it?

Well, let's just say time, life and a lot of navel gazing got in the way of my little blog.  I'm still here and I'm still in my crazy life but THIS year has been a whole lot different than before.
On my birthday, WAY back in June, I decided that I was going to make some changes, take a break and evaluate my life and that's exactly what I did over the last so many, many months.  And I gotta tell you, 58 was a rockin' year for growth.  You could say,  that Joanie, GREW UP!

And during this year, I've stitched and stitched and stitched.  I have tons to share with you so stay tuned. Cause I'm BACK.

And it feels really, really good!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good-bye 2014, Hello 2015!!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a long while since I posted and I am not even sure that there's anyone interested in my blog anymore, but I thought I would at least put up a post and tell you about 2014.

This year was a very interesting year indeed. 

We were blessed with a new grandson in July.  Bryson Michael was born on July 28th! He's now 5 months old and is such a joy!

Our grand-daughter, Alena, is 2!
She is quite the busy little lady!

The DH took a job 3 hours from here and commutes home on the weekend.  So, I am managing the homestead by myself during the week and commuting 90 minutes a day for my job which  sure cuts into the stitching time.  It really was hard for about 6 months trying to come up with a rhythm. But, I am getting better at managing my time so I have picked up a needle.  Mainly, I've stitched small things, ornaments, bowl fillers and the like, I've stitched Little House Needleworks, Prairie Schooler Santas and some Lizzie Kate.  Time is such a premium during the week and I may stitch an hour or two during the week so I do find a little time during the weekend to stitch, usually Saturday and Sunday nights.  I miss stitching larger projects but I find it more gratifying to stitch smaller things that seem to show some progress.

The biggest thing I did during 2014 for my stitching is Stitching from Stash.  I was really good this year and didn't purchase too many things.  I challenged myself to stitch from my vast (ahem) collection and I was so happy to do it!  I have many beautiful things kitted up or purchased that got put aside because of shiney new patterns.  So  when I got that "itch" for a new purchase, I just went up and did some stash fondling and found many treasures that I'd forgotten about. Now, I will be purchasing some things in 2015 that I can't resist, thread, fabric and my Prairie Schooler patterns.  I also will keep an eye on my favorite designers to see what they have to offer in 2015.  So, I'm not turning in my stash horder badge just yet!

For 2015,  I will continue to Stitch from my Stash and I will once again mainly stitch little things.  I do have a couple of larger projects in mind,  I started Mary Gibson last year and will continue to stitch on her and I have Jane Harris and Seven Sheep waiting for me. 

Anyway,  I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone that continues to visit here.  I hope to post more this year coming and take pictures too.

Wishing you all the very best the New Year has to offer you and I hope that you are blessed beyond measure!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yikes, Stripes, Running Out of Time!!! The Stitching Bucket List

Melissa at Words and Blooms posted something that made me take pause and think.  She asked this question:

Paula and I were chatting about a stitching "bucket list". Let's say you have 20 good years left to do stitching and you could stitch one big thing a year. What would be your top 20 items? I would love to see this on your blog.

So, I got thinking about my Stitching Bucket List. And like Melissa, I went on a treasure hunt through my piles and piles of stitching goodies and came up with this list. I know it will change but many of these samplers have stood the test and stay right up there with the latest and greatest.  There are many more that I would love to stitch but these are on the "A" list.

Here are my 20 in no particular order. 
  1. Ann Hull
  2. Anne Grimshaw 1818
  3. Rebecca Robinson
  4. The Plantation Sampler
  5. 1837 Crown Sampler
  6. Ann Grant
  7. The Seven Sheep Sampler
  8. Anne Priest 1841
  9. JoAnn Woodward
  10. A Yuletide Sampler
  11. Jane Harris
  12. Jane Pattison
  13. Mary Gibson 1824
  14. Francis Eden
  15. Hannah Pepper
  16. Isabella Gray 1838
  17. Isabella Fox
  18. Weeping Tree Sampler
  19. Lucy Redd
  20. Ann Sims
Most of these samplers reside in my stash and some are WIPs.  I am hoping each of them will grace my walls.  It's been a dream of mine to have a whole wall of samplers.  I guess I better get busy!  I only have 20 good years left!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Drive-by Post

Quick post -my Stitching from Stash report from March.

I purchased one item...the Seven Sheep Sampler from The Scarlet House.  Grand Total 22.00.

Not too shabby since I could have spent a lot more..  ;)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

You Know...I Really Hate To Pick Just One

The only downside to give-aways is that I can't give everyone the prize.  It actually bothers me to chose just one winner.  I wish I was rich enough to buy each of you this chart.  But unfortunately,  my name isn't Trump or Gates.  So I have to choose (which sucks big time).

SO, the big winner is The Queen Bee.

Please email me with your address and I promise I will get the goods to you right away.  Well, when the snowstorm stops...we are getting hammered with snow.  I think we are over a foot now.

Thanks for playing everyone...there will be another chance when the blog-o-meter hits 200!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Well, in honor of the Arctic cold and the saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em",  I've decided that I am going to hold a small giveaway.  Don't worry, when I hit 200 followers there will be another.

The cold just won't quit so I decided that I should just play along with it.  I'm offering "Baby, It's Cold Outside", the linen and the fibers (and maybe a surprise or 3) to a lucky someone in order to maybe warm them up a little.

I know that it certainly warms me up to share with you.

No strings on this stitchers are welcome to play.  Reply to this post only and leave me a way to contact you if you don't have a blog.

I will pick the lucky winner on Sunday, February 2nd, Groundhog's Day!  (The little varmit had better see his shadow THIS year as I don't think I could stand another 6 weeks of this Winter)!!!