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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cross this off the list...

Sorry about the lack of cross stitching posts recently. Honestly, I haven't had a moment's time to do any stitching in the last few weeks. Between the big work project and getting certified to a new Quality Management standard for aerospace auditing (that was 2 long days this week), I am beyond tired.

I am happy to tell you that today, I completed the auditing course and I PASSED!!! In fact, I did very well! I got a 96% on the test and a 98% overall score for the class. So, I can cross that off my list as finished. Now comes the hard part, implementing this QMS into our business in a very short amount of time. Hello, new project. Toss in a couple of Customer audits, the IT conversion project and just keeping up with my work in general...well, I am busy. And it's just what I want to be.

Last weekend, the Franklin Graham Festival came to our local university for 3 days. Oh, what a wonderful event that was! I got to listen to some great Christian rock (Third Day, Tree63 and Building 429) watched over 800 people accept Christ as their Savior and listened to wonderful messages of hope from Franklin Graham. It really was the highlight of the week.

The Cadet is here for a few days...It's nice having him home but tomorrow he's going back mainly because his GF is leaving for the month of July to teach at a summer camp (the name escapes me now..grr-rr) so he wants to spend a little time with her. I will see them next Tuesday as David and I are meeting them in Ithaca to go on a diner cruise on Cayuga Lake to celebrate my 50th birthday (which is the 24th).

Some stitching news, now. Sue (Red's Thread) and I are going to restart My Home Town. I am unhappy with my fibers, she is unhappy with her fabric. So I traded up to AVAS from Vicki Clayton silks, I wasn't happy with the colors in the conversion and Sue is trading her 36ct fabric for 32ct. So, we are guaranteed that this project won't sink to the bottom of the stitching basket. Now that I am not studying that aerospace standard every waking moment, I intend to use that time to stitch on MHT and The Stitcher's Wallet. I can't wait to sit in my stitching nest and cuddle with my fabric...
Also, I am making my reservations for CATS in Hershey tomorrow. Is anyone going? Let me know cause I'd love to meet up with you there. I believe Sue is going to be there and I am so looking forward to stitching with her!

And on the house front, well, let's just say that things are heading to court.

Well, that's all from my world, thanks so much for stopping by and I promise stitching pictures the next time I post.

See ya!


Vonna said...

Hurray on your test Joanie :)
AND Sue sent me an e-mail and I'm re-starting MHT too :) I wasn't happy with my fabric choice, so I went from 32 ct. to 40 ct. I started on it last night, so I'm in :)
Sorry the house is headed to court, but your contractor had it coming. Good luck with that.
Happy belated birthday !

Karoline said...

Congratulations on the test results :)