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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Oh, in about 2.5 hours, my boy will be walking off a plane from Detroit...he's coming home from field training! He called this morning at 5:30AM just to say hi (we haven't heard his sweet voice in a month) and it was so cool to hear him! He called a few times today, mainly cause he's got long layovers in Denver and Detroit.

Field training was quite the experience, I guess. He was ranked in the middle of his Flight of 22 which was the best flight of the three in this session. He's pretty pleased with himself overall with his performance in the flight.

While we were talking to him, he gave us his full itinerary for the weekend. By 5:30AM, he had made plans for me to make him a lasagna dinner when he got home tonight, vanilla cappuccinos and bagels in the morning, leaving for Rochester bright and early, shopping at various stores, including the bookstore and grocery store, and then topped off with treating him, the lovely Jenna and one of his buddies to dinner and ice cream. Whew! There's a lot of running around in the next day but who am I to refuse The Cadet?!!

I thought I was going to have a relaxing 4 day weekend but my boss has other plans for me. I have to put together a presentation for him (and me) for the 8 o'clock AM staff meeting with the Sr. Exec team. I have to be at work earlier to go over it with him before the meeting. Actually, I am a bit excited about all of this cause I think he's finally comfortable with me doing these things with him. Normally, I think he would have just done the presentation himself or had Tom do the work for him but this time it's my job. I just hope I do a good job for him and don't make him look like a fool...eek!

SO...I AM VERY HAPPY right now, cause my CADET is almost home!!

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Sherry said...

Enjoy your time with him! LOL, I just love that you call him "the Cadet"!