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Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons - PUCKER UP!!

Although I believe that the saying states that one should make lemonade. Whatever.

First of all, my lovely SUV decided it needed new brakes ($675 poorer, I am no longer grinding grooves into the rotors) AND my WOOBIE, Joe, now has an *ow-ie* that is going to cost me plenty because he and Maggie cannot co-habitate peacefully side-by-side in the barn. Seems they decided to fence fight over the stall wall. Maggie whaled on her stall door which she completely knocked off the track bending the wheel mechanism inside the track so the door does not slide correctly AND the force of kicking said door tore the door latch off the stall wall where it was found across the barn aisle lying on the floor 12' away. She is physically ok, just pretty pissed off. Joe, however, is not. He kicked his stall wall (made of 2 inch thick oak boards) and has hurt his left hind leg. He is gingerly resting his leg on his toe and will not bear any of his ample weight on it except to take short, mincing steps to where ever he wants to go. Mainly, he is standing in one spot. If he wants to drink, he just swings his head to his bucket so he really doesn't have to move too far.

So this morning, I made the call to Dr. Wendy. She is coming Monday morning to check him out. In the meantime, I am syringing bute (horse aspirin) down his throat 2 times a day. God only knows what this vet bill is going to cost me. I swear, I've had this horse for 16 years and he's only seen the vet a handful of times in those 16 years until THIS year when we've seen Dr. Wendy 3 times in less than 9 months.

There goes the extra paycheck this month...eaten by the car and the horse. Can't seem to get ahead...blech.

Mike is home from Australia and is terribly lonely because his lovely fiance is there until mid-September. He also is unhappy because school starts Monday and so does ROTC and work. So his Summer abruptly ended this morning at 5:30 when he returned to Dunkin Donuts completely jet-lagged and in desperate need of caffeine.

On stitching notes, I have stitched but there are no photos because I can not find the camera that the DH took with him to Pittsburgh when he visited his family last weekend. It's MIA. I've worked on a number of things (my Hungarian Sampler, Blackbird Designs and Prairie Schooler) and made significant progress on a few. So this is just a tease until I locate my lovely temperamental, 2 pixel wonder of a digital camera and take some pictures. So stay tuned!

But! Have you seen these new designs from The Primitive Needle? TOO CUTE!! MUST HAVES! Love them so much. I can't wait till they are released.

Near Halloween


So that's all from Chez Empty Wallet...stop by again soon, please...K?


cathymk said...

What a week!

Love the new Primitive needle pieces! I'm planning on starting her Hallow Sampler very soon!

Sherry said...

The Primitive Needle pieces are adorable! I know what you mean about everything happening at once. Our family is the classic example of "when it rains, it pours"!

samplerlover said...

Oh Joanie, what a week. You poor thing. Everything is soooo expensive to fix. Wait a minute this sounds a bit like my place sometimes.
Your poor horses. I hope they are ok. Maybe the female one had the horse version PMT.
How did Mike like is trip "downunder".
Looking forward to seeing all your updates - Sandra.

Von said...

Joanie, I totally sympathize with you over your blown budget! We're experiencing much the same here in paying our portion of the surgery ds had in July, plus tuition and other beginning of school costs for all the kids. It really hurts!