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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi all, just a quick post

Thanks for hanging with me, gang! Our home computer has died (the motherboard decided to leave permanently) so I do not have unlimited access to the internet or anyone's blogs. I am going nuts. Like an addict without her fix. It's terrible, especially because I am on VACATION and have time just to relax and catch up with all of you.

This weekend, we are going to Rochester to see the kid's, book a rehearsal dinner resturant and then help them out with their plans. Next weekend is my bridal shower. Stay tuned for pics!

I've been working on the wedding sampler. It's a slow go cause I am basically designing it as I stitch. A motif here, a specialty stitch there, FROGS here, there and EVERYWHERE!!! I have to pull out about an hour's worth of work cause I used the wrong silk. But I'll post a picture of my progress soon. Right now, it's a few bands and the kid's names. Nothing spectacular.

Well, the DH needs his 'back so take care and thanks again for visiting!


Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Poor computer - I know I feel lost without mine. It's another addiction for sure! I used to see the Blue Angels a lot when I lived in Chicago - they are wonderful. Been missing your posts but glad you are still stitchin' away. :)

connie said...

It's funny if I go away to visit family or go camping I do not miss the computer one bit..But if my pc breaks down when I am home I am upset..Hope you get yours fixed soon.I look forward to pictures..

Jan said...

Sorry about your computer, hope you are back with us soon, Joanie.

Looking forward to seeing those pictures.

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie,
Sorry to hear about your computer. They can be real pains sometimes.

Not long now for the wedding. Looking for to seeing your sampler. Aren't those darn frogs a pain. They keep visiting me as well lol. - Sandra.

venus said...

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