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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Good Sunday Morning!

Today when I woke up, I was blinded by a bright shiney thing streaming in through the window of our bedroom.  What could it be?  Was it SUNSHINE???  Sun???!!!  Isn't that the big bright thing in the sky that is very scarce in my part of good ol' Upstate NY?  Why, yes, yes it is!  Mr. Sol decided to pay a visit.  He's not been around for the last 2 weeks and honestly, I am thrilled he is here.  Now, maybe I'll get some pics of my stitching to show you instead of just talking about it or not talking at all because there's no stitchy pics to accompany my musing.

I will not be able to show you my All Season's Exchange ornanment because of Mr. Sun's absence.  If Daisy posts it on the blog, I'll snag it and post it. I also actually finished something, I made 2 pincushions for Halloween, one of this pattern from With Thy Needle:

and one of that marching witch with the broom from this one too.

Currently, I've been stitching on 2 new pieces and I've picked up a WIP that got put away last year. I can't stop myself from starting new things. The WIP is Miss Snow Fairy:

And the new piece is With Thy Needles, Sweeping Snowflakes:

I love the broom idea but I want a bowl of snowmen this year. 

And the other new piece is an oop Birds of a Feather sampler, Friendship Sampler:

Melissa from Words in Bloom offered it as a round robin piece to stitch so it's my turn.  I've got the top few rows of the border stitched.  Not enough to show you.  I had the Barn Owl fabric to stitch it on and I'm using the recommended thread. 

So now that I've bored you with my pieces, hopefully later, I'll get pics of the finishes.  I want to say thanks for hanging with me and a big THANK YOU to my newest followers.
I've got my plans made for my giveaway.  I've decided to go with a Winter's theme.  Since I'm a bona fide snowman freak, those frosty fellows are going to be front and center.   Stay tuned!
Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday.  And if the sun's shining where you are, ENJOY IT!!!


diamondc said...

Joanie: the broom idea is so perfect for any finished item but the witch what a hoot.
Nice job, your snoepeople are adorable.
Its so good to hear from you.
Peace to you

Laura said...

All of your projects are delightful!!!!!

valerie said...

Great projects! I'm looking forward to seeing project updates on the snowman broom and the Friendship Sampler. Enjoy your sunny day!

Melissa said...

Isn't that sunshine an amazing thing to lift the spirits? We had lots of rain and this morning we are seeing some sun too! It may be all gone by the afternoon, but for now we'll enjoy it while it's hear.

Your stitching are wonderful. A bowl of snowmen sounds like a great idea! The colours of the Friendship Sampler will brighten those dreary days too!

Lisa V said...

I'm loving your choice of stitching. I just ordered myself some of those lovely With Thy Needle & Thread designs and cant wait for them to arrive.

Patti said...

YOur projects are beautiful! I did Miss Snow Fairy last winter and have yet to frame her- can't wait to put her up! Have a nice day~

Shelleen said...

Everything looks wonderful but I especially love Miss Snow FAiry.

Anonymous said...

A bowl of snowmen sounds wonderful!