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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you ready?

Are you ready for this?

I know I am!  We got clobbered earlier this week with a nor'easter that dumped 16.5 inches of snow on top of 10 inches that was already on the ground.  Oh, how I want warmer weather. 

Anyway, I've been stitching, I am almost finished with this:

I only have 4 stars on the right side to stitch and the letters G, R & W to go.  I ran out of Clover thread.  Bummer.

Next up, I am planning on stitching this:

I am so looking forward to my purchases from Market too!  I ordered the new Blackbird Designs book, Honeysuckle Manor and Bird in Hand.  I also bought the new Goode Huswife book and the new Prairie Schoolers.   Just because I needed a mid-winter pick-me-up.

I am focusing on my wips too.  Summer Basket was one.  I am proud of myself because I've resisted a new start, even though, this sampler from the City Stitcher is calling my name loudly!

I think it's the house that won me over.

So that's all that's going on in my little stitchy world. 
What's new with you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Some Here and There

HI everyone! How are things in your world? In mine, it never is a dull moment.

First of all, my sweet MIL fell down her basement stairs. Mom is 85 and frail so she didn't fare well with her tumble. She broke her arm in 3 places, her wrist, arm and elbow. She banged her head up too and in general, is just a big bruise. She spent a week in the hospital and is now in a rehab nursing home until she is steady on her feet. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!

The Second Lietenant and the lovely Jenna are getting ready to leave for the South. Initially, they go to Alabama for 2 months while Mike attends officer's training, then onto Texas for 7 months while he's in Intelligence school. I am getting sad that they are going. I know it's not rational, they are away now and we don't see them but once a month or so. I guess I am concerned that they will be AWAY, more than a day trip away. And now is where things get interesting, they will be on their own, for real!

Moms worry, don't we?
I have been stitching. I'm doggedly working on WIPs because at last count I had about 30. Yes, 3-0! I am not exaggerating. Most are about 1/2 done. I think I have a phobia or something about closure. I get going on a piece, get all excited and about 1/2 into it, the bloom is off the rose and I'm looking for my next piece to give me that stitcher's "high". You know, the one that you feel when you start something new and you are in love, love, love until....until the frogs come or there's stuff you dread stitching like big blocks of solid colors or teensy tiny pieces of pattern that's stitched in eleventy dozen different shades of chartruese. You know, the thrill is gone and the piece just becomes another WIP. This is the reason I have 30 pieces in various stages of "done".  So I thought I'd do something about it. 
First,  I went through EVERY box, bag and hidey-hole where I thought a WIP could be lurking.  What treasures!  And I thought that I would find things that I didn't want to stitch anymore but I was wrong.  I still love everything that I have going and I sighed to myself and wondered why I didn't finish them up long ago.
So I chose 2 pieces to concentrate on, mainly because they have bright colors and I felt I needed a bit of color after so many grey days here in Upstate NY. I chose This is the Day by Hands to Work. The pattern is in one of the JCS magazine issues. I am doing it on 36ct Vintage Autumn Gold with the recommended threads. It's a cool piece that is completely out of my comfort zone for color.  This is the Day was about a 1/4 done when I began this adventure. Now it's 1/2 done and I gotta tell you, stitching the entire alphabet and number area is slow going. I like the effect but it's taking forever to see any progress. I make myself stitch at least 2 threads each time I pick it up.
 And I also decided to work on another(!) Blackbird Design, Summer Basket. I figured that I subscribed to all the Loose Feathers, so I should at least stitch one, don't you think? It's also stitched on the recommended fabric with the recommended fiber because I bought it as a kit from Needlecraft Corner. Summer Basket was just a start when I put it up but now it's almost 1/2 done. The colors are very soft and the linen is not as crisp as I'd like but it's an enjoyable stitch.

And I'm stitching a replacement piece for the Blackbird Designs Exchange that I host. 

My stitching plate is full.  But it's a happy full and I am less stressed about stitchy things cause I have a plan.  When I finish with one Wip, I'll continue with another.  And maybe allow myself a new start or 2 but not a free wheeling, no holds barred start everthing in sight. That's how I got 30 WIPs in the first place.
Now, don't get to thinking that I won't buy another pattern cause my cupboards are chock full o'WIPs.  Oh no-o-o-oo, I am supporting the needlework industry already in a BIG way cause I've pre-ordered a few things from the Nashwille market.  I had to have the new Goode Huswife book, the new Blackbird Designs, the new Prairie Schoolers and a few things from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I am debating on the new Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow but I am holding out because I haven't even started Village or Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. 
How 'bout you?  Are you lusting after anything from Market?  Is there anything that you can't live without?
So, I hope I'll get some pics up on the old blog soon.  The kids gave me a new digital camera for Christmas and I am still learning how to take a decent picture with it.  I am so glad that you've come by and I'd love to hear from you!  It makes me happy that you've stopped.