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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you ready?

Are you ready for this?

I know I am!  We got clobbered earlier this week with a nor'easter that dumped 16.5 inches of snow on top of 10 inches that was already on the ground.  Oh, how I want warmer weather. 

Anyway, I've been stitching, I am almost finished with this:

I only have 4 stars on the right side to stitch and the letters G, R & W to go.  I ran out of Clover thread.  Bummer.

Next up, I am planning on stitching this:

I am so looking forward to my purchases from Market too!  I ordered the new Blackbird Designs book, Honeysuckle Manor and Bird in Hand.  I also bought the new Goode Huswife book and the new Prairie Schoolers.   Just because I needed a mid-winter pick-me-up.

I am focusing on my wips too.  Summer Basket was one.  I am proud of myself because I've resisted a new start, even though, this sampler from the City Stitcher is calling my name loudly!

I think it's the house that won me over.

So that's all that's going on in my little stitchy world. 
What's new with you?


Deb said...

I just love City Stitcher charts and have done a couple of them. I don't remember seeing this one though. I might just have to look for it. I have to agree, the house is a real eye catcher.

And I'm so ready for Spring too. And you piece is looking wonderful. You'll be finished with it in no time.

Sherry said...

Beautiful. City Stitcher has some lovely designs. I think everyone is ready for Spring this year! Let's just hope the warm weather comes when Spring does!

Laura said...

All of those projects are stunning!!! You bought some really great charts too!! I love Summer Iris every time I see it. I think I have to do that one. I am working on Bird in the Hand right now and it is a really fun stitch. Have a great week!!!

Melissa said...

Oh I heard about all the snow back east. That's awful. Enough already! I hope warmer weather comes soon!

I love your Summer Basket. Did you use all the recommended fibers? I did by the WDW Baby's Breath linen but thought it seems so peachy!

The other pieces are just lovely. There are just so many wonderful things to stitch!

Kathy said...

Beautiful work. And almost finished too!

Sounds like you got some great things from Market. I'm looking forward to mine too. :)

As for snow and spring I am beginning to think that spring is a figment of my imagination. :) Especially when I heard that we might get more snow this Wednesday.



Karoline said...

Summer basket is looking lovely, hope you get to finish it soon.

Casa Pearl said...

I'm oh so ready too girl! Almost all of our snow is gone which is so very unusual for Maine and my fingers are crossed there wont be any more but you know how that goes around here. And I love the City Stitcher chart - they have some wonderful pieces

Von said...

Oh, Joanie, you should come out west for a visit. Our winter has been so mild and I noticed today that the forsythia bushes are actually in bloom!! Unbelievable!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Summer Basket is looking wonderful. It is nice to clear out some wips.

Anonymous said...

wonderful stitching, i do love the bbd summer basket design i have it in my to do pile

can i please ask if you are admin for the blackbird blog? I wanted to join but can't contact the blog owner, i saw a post by Nina asking how a friend could join, hope you don't mind me asking