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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow! 36 Followers...

Oh my gosh, there are 36 of you out there in blogville who are actually interested in what I have to say! Wowser! Who knew!
Well, that calls for a celebration....I think I will do a give away to some lucky someone. I will decide tomorrow and post what I am going to give away, so stay tuned!  It'll be good.

I have to let you all know that your comments on my recent acquisition made me giggle and laugh out loud.  Thanks so much for your posts and comments.  (Vonna, you get a pass for your Oh Sh*T comment and Laura with your Obadoobadoo!  was just too funny!)

And, I have to tell you, my clicky finger was really, really bad. I only posted SOME of my recent acquisitions. I'll post more soon too, once I gather up the rest. I bought Carriagehouse Samplings, Homespun Elegance and more...fortunately, the DH hasn't said a word. He's really great.
Speaking of Dave, today is our 31st anniversary. I am so blessed to be loved by such a wonderful man.

Here he is with his two favorite things, his Harley and Daisy.  The motorcycle is a new (to him) toy to celebrate his upcoming retirement.  I can't fault him for buying it (it was a great deal) and he deserves something for his 31 years at IBM.

And I've stitched so I've got to get some pictures of my Wips on this site.  I've worked on Broom Hilda (so cute and tiny!), Alphabets by Merrily Beams in a luscious AVAS cherry red silk, one of the baskets from Blackbird Designs, It's Berry Time, in a berry red Belle Soie and a number of July 4th stitcheries.  Oh! and a frame that I painted for a limited edition (2005) kit from LHN called Americana.  Wait till you see it! 

My weekend will start early, I am taking Friday off and we have Monday to celebrate Independance Day.  I am going to work in my garden, BBQ and stain windows.  And relax.

Thanks again for visiting!  It makes me so happy when you stop by!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stash, stash, stash...and MORE stash!

Well kids, I gotta thank you for your comments about my "retreating" tendencies. I think I am in VERY good company. Now, I don't feel so alone or so "weird"! because I am such a loner. And an introvert. And a wallflower.

I've bought stash. A lot of it. Hee-hee! Here's some of what I've bought in the recent weeks....
Blackbird Designs:

With My Needle & Thread:
Broom Hilda, just so adorable!

Boo To You:  I love Halloween!
Lizzie Kate!
ABC Christmas

ABC Halloween (Did I say I LOVE Halloween?)

Little House Needleworks:
Simple Joys:  Simply too cute!

I am happy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been remiss in posting this

Awhile back (in May, I believe) I received this beautiful pillow from Conny for Round 4 of the Blackbird Designs Exchange group.   I meant to post it, I really did.  But then I went MIA for awhile and climbed back into my hunker-down-and-just-deal-with-it mode. 

I know you all must think I am daft for it but when I get overwhelmed I usually retreat until I figure out a way to deal with whatever it is that's bothering me.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...)  I know there are those lucky folks that have BFFs and sisters who act as a safety net but, alas, I do not have the luxury of either. Now, I'm really putting myself out here by saying I'm really introverted and have been hurt many, many times by those I considered friends.  And the nail in the coffin was when I lost my BF because she told me I was a toxin to her life.  So, you see my reluctance to rely on anyone but my Dave and myself when I tie myself up in knots over something...

OK, back to the BBD exchange....

Conny does exquisite work.  I was so impressed by it and she used a hand painted fabric to create it.  I believe she wrote in her note that it was Tentakulum Painter's thread in Matisse.

So Conny, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and ask for a pass for my rudeness because I didn't post this beautiful exchange piece as I should have...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting Ms. Daisy

As I promised, here is Daisy.  Isn't she a beauty? 

She's beginning to settle in.

It's nice having a dog again.
Even if the cats don't agree just yet.  :-)

Hi All

 First of all, I want to thank the 31 followers who've stuck with my poor excuse of blogging.  I guess I needed a break for a little while.

Life is changing again (we are preparing for the DH's retirement in August and subsequent loss of 60% of our salary...a hugh amount!)  We've met with a financial planner to decide what to do with his 401K.  We've budgeted out what we think we will have as income.  I've been hoarding paper products, pet food, laundry and cleaning supplies for the last 6 months in order to cut our grocery bill.  And the numbers aren't great but we will survive. Let's just say I'm glad I've got a monumental stash to stitch from because there's not going to be many purchases until we figure out what our finances are going to be for the first year.  I will be making a big wish list.  I think the reality of this change just hit me and I put aside all the fun things just to stew for a bit.

 I've been stitching but I haven't taken one picture of what I've done.  Mainly, I've worked on Americana and patriotic small things cause I decided I needed to have a basket of those hanging around.  I stitched 7 things, Lizzie Kates, Littlehouse Needleworks, a very cute piece from the Sampler Girl.  They are all on one ginormous piece of linen and I think I have to get myself in gear to make some pillows or pinkeeps soon.  Otherwise they will be hanging around waiting to be finished for next Summer.

Today is my birthday.  It's a quiet one.  I decided not to take the day off (as I usually do) so I am working.  I didn't ask for anything because we finished up the house and that's a gift in itself.  The 2nd Lietenant and the lovely Jenna sent me a pretty card and greetings on Facebook.  A bunch of friends also sent me well wishes on FB too.  It's a nice day.  I am blessed.

Also, we finally got a German Shepherd!  We found her on Craigslist.  The rescue groups just grew tiresome and it didn't look like we would get a dog until the end of summer because even though we were "approved", the foster home had to see how we interacted with the potential adoptee and they got to decide if we were "worthy" to adopt him/her.  So, after spending 3 months jumping through hoops with 3 rescue groups, Dave just got fed up and went on Craigslist.  He contacted the owner of Daisy on Tuesday and yesterday, he picked her up and brought her home.  Daisy's a beauty, a bit on the thin side, and is very sweet.  She's intelligent, curious and is totally in love with Dave. 

However, the cats aren't thrilled.  Frankie is on the defensive.  He puffs himself up to 2x his normal size and HISSES. He lays in wait to attack her and when he does, she looks very confused and hurt. The other cats are staying upstairs.  Livy is hiding under the bed and Ella slinks downstairs when she's hungry or needs the litter box.  It will take a few days for them to sort everything out and they'll be friends. 

So, I'm not going to promise pics of my stitching but I will post pictures of Daisy.

Thanks for hanging in there with me...I really appreciate you all!