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Saturday, January 01, 2011

January 1st

I didn't start anything today but I did pick which ornaments I am going to start for the 15 Day Challenge.  I will kit them up this week and begin stitching them in between Wip busting with the Flippin' Crazy January Challenge.

I decided to stitch the following as my 1st 3 ornaments for the 15 Day Challenge:

Little House Needlework
Red House in Winter

Little House Needlework
All Is Calm

Homespun Elegance
Festive Redbird

As part of the Flippin' Crazy Challenge, I stitched on With Thy Needle and Thread's, Miss Snow Fairy.

I am 95% finished with her.  I thought she would be done before the New Year but we've had company.  Mike and Jenna are here and we've entertained their friends for the last 3 days.  What a great time we had! It was like when Mike was in High School and all his buddies would come here on Friday night for all night video games.  They would play video games all night and that's just what they did for the last 2 nights.  We toasted the New Year to Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve and then off to bed we went. 

I am sorry that my vacation is just about over and then it's back to work.  It's been a great 2 weeks off but once I go back to work, it's going to be insane!  I am sure that after I am there 15 minutes, I won't feel like I've been off at all.  Oh fun, fun!

So, tomorrow, I'll post my progress on Miss Snow Fairy.  She's cute!  I made a change to her and I've stitched her on a larger count fabric to make her into a pillow.  Eventually.  HA HA.  I bought a really cute piece of flannel to border and back her.  I hope that once my craft room is picked up I'll feel like sewing.  I worked on that chore today a bit, it's slowly coming back together.

Anyway, the dogs have been a trial, our shepherd, Daisy, is ok with Mike's dog, Sophie, but there have been a few growls and 2 minor altercations that put me on edge so whenever the dogs get close to each other I kinda freak out.  The David is a little peeved at me right now so it's hasn't been a great start to 2011 between us.

Well, I think that's enough of my blathering...I bid you all a fond good night!  Thanks for coming by!


Laura said...

Your ornament choices are fab!!!! Sorry about the other tensions; I am sure they will fade away and then you get to back to work! Booooo!

anniebeez said...

LOVE your ornament choices! Can't wait to see your progress!

Michelle said...

Awesome ornaments! Looking forward to your progress.

Natalia said...

Nice choices !! Good luck with the Crazy Challenge. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Oh going back to work after a vacation is hard, hard, hard.... It's a good thing you love your job !! LOL

Michelle said...

Great choices for your ornament starts!! Can't wait to see your progress!

Carol R said...

Joanie - you applied to join the 2011 Christmas Challenge but you did not give leave an email address to send you an invite. Can you email please - you can find my email address on my profile
Happy New Year to you