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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Oh My...Has It Really Been That Long?

Over 2 weeks since my last post.  Shame, shame on me!

Well, what's been going on with me.  A whole lot a' nuthin' besides the job search and taking care of house-y type stuff that looks like it would only take an hour or so to do but ends up taking most of the day.  I honestly don't know how I did it when I was working, I think I used to "slick" housekeep, not doing a thorough job but "slicking" it to make it look presentable and hiding the rest.  Now, I'm actually doing a complete job and I'm embarassed to tell you that I'm embarassed at the housekeeper that I am.  I used to blame alot of things on our critters (dragging in dirt from the barn, the cats and the dog) and the DH.  But, now that I have "time", I'm realizing that I was a large contributor to the state of affairs at Chez Dirt.  Oh, say it's not so!  But it IS!  Hopefully, my house drudgery now will prevent me from house fudgery later on when I get back to work (which isn't looking like any time soon). 

I am actively being courted by a recruiter for a firm in Nashua NH.  It would mean me moving away in order to take this job if it presents itself.  The DH and I talked about it and it's doable for awhile until the economy in NY rights itself.  The job would look fabulous on my resume, it's management and dealing with medical device compliance.  But there are a couple of glitches, I've managed teams but never a department and although I have experience in medical compliance, my previous employer was not a final device manufacturer so we were not involved with FDA submissions or QSR 820.  Weak areas in my work experience.  But nothing I couldn't handle.  It's convincing the company to take a chance on a rookie who would have to learn by doing instead of hitting the ground running. 

Stitching wise, I sorta lost my mojo during the last heat wave and the last round of resume rejections.  I switched my focus from stitching on Done By Me and the BeeMan to small things for Halloween.  (Although BeeMan is so close to being done I might just finish it off and use my 60% off Michaels coupon to get it framed.)  I've stitched Halloween from Lizzie Kate that I want to make into a long cube and I'm working on a little witch from The Cricket Collection and Candy Corn from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I found the bestest frame for the witch at HomeGoods (my BFF store!).  I'll post pictures soon. We are having a blessed day of gentle rain (sorry Texas) that my gardens sorely needed but it's not conducive to photoshoots. The light is not present so the pictures taken with my little camera wouldn't do the designs justice.

If you could, please keep my boy and all the soldiers in your prayers, I read today that 31 of our finest were killed today.  I'm sure the news is weighing heavily on him.  And he's been working around the clock, on what he can not tell me, so I know it's not good. 

So sorry for the long winded, un-pictured post but I did want to check in to say I'm HERE!!  (waving to everyone new and old).  Thanks for dropping by...until next time...



Teresa said...

I think we all do a little "slicking" when it come to housework.
Good luck with the job, can't wait to see your Halloween pieces.
It is sad news today on our military, they are always in my prayers.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

CalamityJr said...

I haven't heard it called slicking, but I know what you mean - we called it "a lick and a promise"!

I'll keep thinking good thoughts about the job possibility, as well as keeping your son in my prayers.

Siobhan said...

Your son is always in my prayers, as is all of our military. I heard the news this morning--so sad.

LOL at the slicking comment. I noticed today just how hairy the house is becoming so I need to vacuum again. I just did yesterday but between the Fluffinator and my daughter & I both having medium or long hair, it gets bad. Maybe I'll make the kids do a serious house cleaning before they go back to school. (Excuse me while I roll around the floor laughing.)

Best of luck with the job hunt! It is so discouraging how bad things are both there and then they're even worse here. It's crazy to think how much things have changed just within the last ten years. Hang in there!

I can't wait to see some of your stitching. I am trying to work on some Halloween stuff, too. I usually catch the bug AFTER the holiday so I'm trying to go with it.

Cross Stitch Queen said...


Yeah,the economy in NY kinda sucks right now. The plummeting DOW didn't help much either. I cringe looking at it.

I do hope that you find a job soon! No fun being out of work.

Halloween pieces. ooooh.... I am becoming more of a holiday stitcher myself. When and if I stitch. Lost lots of mojo. Don't know why. The will is there, the concentration isn't.

I saw that you had an Accuquilt giveaway listed on your blog. Right now on my blog sidebar there are at least 2 ongoing Accuquilt giveaways.

They aren't mine, but I am just spreading the word. When I reach 100 friendly followers I will have a fabulous giveaway to celebrate.

Keep cool in NY. It is hot hot hot!

Enjoyed reading your blog and thank you son for his service to our country. It is much appreciated.


Lana said...

It's understandable that you would loose your mojo in that heat!! I will definitely keep your son in prayer!! Good luck with the new job prospect!! Sounds like it'd be good, even if you'd have to relocate.

samplerlover said...

I often wonder how your Son is going and he is in my prayers. I heard this morning about this sad news and I am so sorry. To lose so many is simply awful.

I haven't heard of slicking either. We also call it "a lick and a promise" or "moving the dust" lol.

I hope that you are able to find a new job that you will enjoy. Things sound quite terrible over there at the moment.

Glenna said...

Best of luck on the Nashua job. And best of luck always to your son.

About the slicking--I figured out what a terrible (by necessity) housekeeper I was when I stayed home for a while. But two things I found were the job hunt was hugely time-consuming, and so was the constant running of errands. I called it a lick and a promise.

Vonna said...

All of us do some "slicking" in our house work least I do :) So don't you make yourself feel bad!
I'm keeping you and your son and our entire military in my prayers.

Sherry said...

I am guilty of that slicking too around my house. Good luck with the job! What a great opportunity for you. The boys in military do so much for us. They are always in my prayers.

Pam said...

I do the "slicking" on the housework myself. I always say that what I lask in housekeeping skills I make up for with my ability to make pretty things.

Good luck with your job search. You son and all of the people serving our country are in my prayers. I feel for the families whose loved one will not come home.

woolwoman said...

yes the news of the loss of the 31 has been so sad - I do pray for our military and their families every single day - things just seem to keep getting worse if that is possible. Good to read your news and that you might have a lead on a job. hope you are back to work soon and while you are looking - better keep that vaccum and mop moving LOL - hugs Mel

Kathy said...

I hear you about the housework. :) But then I HATE housework. And when I have time I am usually so tired after a week of long days that I just do the bare minimum and say Heck with it. :)

As for the mojo. It's come back. Something will catch your eye and get you going again.

Your son is in my prayers. Along with so many of our youth who are fighting to keep us free.

Casa Pearl said...

NASHUA????We need to talk! Who is it and when will you get here - we would be so close and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THAT!!

Susan said...

Sending positive job hunting vibes your way. I hope something comes of that job in Nashua - just thing, if you got it, you would be right there for Celebration of Needlework. :)

Keeping your son (and all the military) in my prayers - I appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women in the military, and their families.