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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stitching From Stash - January Update

I've joined "Stitching from Stash" in order to curb my spending and well, stitch from my stash, doh!  We have a spending limit of $25.00 a month.  I've seen posts on other participant's blogs and they are doing so well.  Me? Not so much.

Here's my January update confession.
Bless me Father, for I am weak.  This month I spent 28.00 and change on stash.  Sigh.   OVERBUDGET.
I have been lusting after LHN's Snowman Trio for a while now.  I kept telling myself that I didn't need another snowman pattern.  I didn't NEED anything.  Well, a bad day at work and an equally bad day at home (the dog left me multiple stinky deposits throughout my house because she got into the garbage) prompted me to visit Anita's Little Stitches site.  Lo and behold, I purchased the pattern and a few things more since you must buy $25 from her site.  So...this is what I bought:

  • LHN Snowman't Trio

  • JBW's A Very Merry Winter.  

Yes, another snowman pattern that I saw on Stitching Dream's blog and fell in love with.

  • Threadwork's Primitive's Beggar's Christmas (I love the tree)

  • 2 balls of Valdani thread for a couple of With Thy Needle and Thread patterns and
  • Piecemaker's needles (my fav)

Maybe next month I will be better.  Sigh.

I did stitch from my stash though, if that's a consolation.  I stitched Lizzie Kate's January Flip It's Bits but I'm gonna make it into an bowl filler.

I worked on A Needleworker's Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread and I stitched up 2 Christmas Ornaments from the 2013 JCS ornament issue. I am happy that I stitched from my stash.  Now I just have to work on that spending thingie.

Other than that..are you staying warm?  It's brutal in Upstate NY.  Today the highs were in the 20's but it's going to be Arctic-like Monday through Wednesday.  It's so hard to work outside in this weather.  My horses are stuck in the barn, everything is frozen and it takes an extra 20 minutes to switch out water buckets.  I hate 4:15AM when it's this cold out.  Even the dog hates to go outside to go potty.  I'm ready for SPRING!

Heads up...if you stuck with me this long, I am going to have a give-away...I'm approaching 200 followers, so when I hit that number then I will be doing something special!

STAY WARM!! I'm off for hot cocoa and my afghan.




Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Aren't you glad we get a free month?? :) Great stitching!!

Vickie said...

Well... maybe next month? Great stuff. We are heading into that bitter cold stuff here too. sigh.

Barb said...

Oh rather you than me at that time of the morning in those temps brrrr. No wonder you needed to stitch snowmen. I too have the Snowmen trio and the Beggars Christmas , I think I also may have Merry Winter I am having a winter theme year so hope those may all be stitched at some point this year.
Your transgression I am sure will be pardoned. Wrap up warm we just have wet and more wet here in the U.K.

Angela P said...

Well done :) Great SFS report! Mine has just been posted too.

marly said...

When you are forced to spend a specific amount for an order, that should not count. I'd give you a pass!

Jackie said...

$3 over is within guidelines to me! It could/would have been much worse right?

Laura said...

First of all...I can't believe you have to do outside chores in this weather. That is brutal. I am glad your horses have such a good caretaker!!!

I can see why you caved for that snowman ornie. I think it is now calling my name too!!!

All of the projects you purchased and stitched on are stupendous!!!!

Wishing you inner warmth!!!

Melody said...

Well your shopping choices are good ones, and your new finish is great!

I agree, bring on Spring. Our dog doesn't want to go out in this brutal cold either. Can't imagine outside chores at that ungodly hour!

Melissa said...

Oh those are cute acquisitions! I'm aiming to stitch from stash too but already I need some silks for a new sampler I want to start! I think as long as we keep the "stitch from stash" mentality in mind, it will help the purse strings!

Keep warm!

Barb said...

Nice projects. I should join the stitching from stash club. I've made it my goal this year not to buy any patterns just to stitch from stash.

Chris said...

Lovely new snowman projects even though you blew your budget. February is a short new month! Good luck :)

diamondc said...

If I overspend I just deduct the difference from the month before and stay on budget for the year.
I love all your choices wow.
Lovely finish.


Faith... said...

I love the Snowmen patterns you bought. Sorry you gave into temptation and went over the budget in the first month though!