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Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm still here!!!

HI everyone...thanks for stopping by! No, really, I mean it. It's nice to know there are cyber-friends out there checking up on me.

Unfortunately, there ain't a whole lot of stitching going on at Chez No-stitching. Why, you ask? Because I am now into crunch time with my big project at work. 12 hour days, fighting fires and dealing with all the drama (and drama-queens) really make me tired! So, I've just come home and crashed. However, it doesn't mean that I've stopped buying credit card is wheezing from the work out. So far, I bought the latest Quaker offering from Needleprints, Sarah Spence. I bought the remaining AVAS for My Home Town, a spring/summer biscourne pattern, some CHS's, a Prairie Schooler off the bay of evil, my FOTM from Shakespeare's Peddler, some Lizzie*Kate, Brenda Keyes, a sampler that's on Tempest Fugit's blog and, well, I know there's more but I can't think of them! Chock it up to birthday $$ and an indulgent DH.

Today, was the first day that I picked up a needle in 2 weeks and I am stitching a gift so I can't even share the progress with you.

Yesterday was our 28th wedding anniversary. David and I spent the day at the air show watching all the jets do their thing...the F-17A Hornets and the AirForce F-15 jets just make me marvel...they are sexy planes. To think that my Cadet may fly one of those someday (if he gets a pilot slot and gets through the physical part of the training) just makes me smile. Do you think he'd take me up for a spin? was a great day. Cool but sunny, fair food, jets, helicopters and large cargo planes. We spent the entire day there and loved every minute of it. We topped off our anniversary with take-out pizza from Pizza Hut.

The Cadet is coming home tomorrow for the week. He's going back to his apartment at the end of the week cause he has a date with the lovely Jenna and an Arnold Air Society volunteer function. Then he's coming home for the rest of July. In August, he goes to South Dakota for field training. And then the summer is over and it's back to the books. WOW, when you think through the time line, it's pretty short!!!

So, again, thanks for sticking with me and the most boring blog in blog world. I've got to go feed the ponies so stop by soon...there may be pictures of the air show and some stitching too! :-)!!

Oh..btw, this is the week my project launches at work...please keep good thoughts and PRAYERS for a successful conversion and migration...thanks!


Vonna said...

Good vibes and wishes coming your way for the big conversion project at work!!


Can you feel 'em?!

Red said...

Positive thoughts are being sent your way!

Isabelle said...

Sounds like you had a great anniversary! Hope all goes well for your project this week.

Karoline said...

Happy Anniversary Joanie, I'll be sending lots of good vibes your way for your project launch

Katrina said...

Great stash! Hope things calm down enough you can get some serious stitching time in :-).

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Anniversary and I hope all goes well at work.