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Saturday, July 21, 2007

We interrupt cross stitching for this important event

Harry Potter!

I admit it, I am a Potter fan. Today, when I opened up my mailbox, there was the box from Barnes & Nobles...Harry arrived! How I love new books! Especially hardcovers. I don't buy many books really. But I've bought all the Potter tomes.

So I opened the box and cracked open the binding. And I began to read. I read all day and into the evening. I am just about 1/2 done with the book now and I must say it's a good read. No, I am not going to spoil it for anyone and give away anything that I've read today. Honestly, I wish that this wasn't the last Potter. I'll miss the adventure.

I stitched a little on Thursday. I called in sick because I just needed NOT to be at work. A mental health day. The drama queens have gotten to me and I just didn't want to deal with them another moment. Plus, the Cadet is giving me a headache, as well as, our house woes. So, I pulled out a Wip, Prairie Schoolers, Autumn Winds. I started it last year with Patti and Cathy. We didn't keep up with the SAL and when I looked at my spreadsheet, I hadn't worked on it since last Fall. It's coming along. I am almost done with the center panel, I decided to stitch the pumpkin. Almost 1/2 way done.

Anyway...I believe I'll be spending time with the Wizards. for a few days...

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Jeanne said...

Joanie - I did the same thing when Harry showed up at my mailbox. Enjoy the ride - it's a great read! I'm starting it over, a bit more slowly this time (with stitching in between!) so I can pick up some of the things I missed the first time around!