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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I've been thinking about today and what it means to me. Until very recently, Memorial Day was the start of summer and I looked forward to a 3 day weekend.

But today, it's different.

We put the flag outside and I really looked at it and thought about all the men and women who proudly serve in our armed forces, who went to war and came home to those who supported them or not...who went to war despite their fear and learned to be brave. To those who fought and gave their lives for us, for ME so that I can do anything and be free.

I thought about what I wanted to write here about Memorial Day but there are no words that convey what I feel...except THANK YOU.

Thank you Dad, for serving in the Navy during WWII in the Sea of Japan.
Thank you, Uncles for serving in the branches of the militaryyou chose, whether you enlisted or were drafted, for those who saw battles and those of you who didn't.
Thank you Terry, for serving in the AirForce during a time of relative peace. You didn't have to go to war but you would have if you were asked.
Thank you Mike, for your unbridled patriotism and willingness to give the AirForce all of you. I pray that you never have to go to Iraq but I know that you will, someday.

And thank you to all the veterans, for your sacrifices. For without you, would we really be the land of the free?

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Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Joanie. Your wips are looking great, I especially love the Homespun Sampler design. I wish Mike and Jenna all the best for their future endeavours, may the distance be good for their relationship.