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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Their Song Framed- So what do ya think??

I picked up Their Song from Michaels on Thursday. Here it is in all it's framed beauty! I am pleased with my frame choice and I have to say it IS straight in the frame...LOL!!! (Sorry for the flash, I am a lousy photo editor and as hard as I tried I couldn't get the flash out of the picture so that it looked ok.)

Their Song
Blackbird Designs
36ct Antique White Linen
Weeks Dye Works cotton fiber

The puppy who initially waited on me and gave me such a hassle over a mat was there when I picked it up. And true to my black heart, I couldn't resist saying something to him about how straight the needlework was in the frame. He didn't say a lot, except that it did come out nice.

I didn't tell him that it took me about 4 hours to properly stretch and lace it to the foam core. I understand why they wouldn't take the time to do the stretching correctly as it IS labor intensive and they would lose money. Although, my normal framer charges the same hourly labor rate and they ensure that the piece is stretched straight...

I would go back there and let them do the final assembly for pieces again now that I know I can stretch my needlework, particularly small pieces cause you can't beat 40-60% off coupons. I'll use my framer for big projects or things I want to become heirlooms. Plus my framer has a better selection of frames than Michaels, so if I am looking for a particular look or mat or frame, I'll go to the Beveled Edge.

Today is Kentucky Derby Day! I am so looking forward to watching the race! I don't have a favorite this year (actually, I just watch for the beauty of it all). I am disappointed that the field is 20 horses though, it's a big race, a lot of traffic for the best horses to wade through. It's a definite disadvantage because unless they break cleanly and get a good position right at the start the race is essentially over for them. It seems that everyone who qualifies and can ante up the dollars to run the Derby puts their horse in that race just to say they ran it. I miss the times when the field was small and you'd have 2 or 3 horses slugging it out the entire race. And although it takes a lot of money to run, I loved it when Smarty Jones ran, what a story. The little guy who breaks his back training a horse to greatness ridden by a local jockey is where it's at for me, not a horse backed by big money.

I haven't missed a race in 30 years. So this year, I am going to plop myself down in front of the TV with my needlework and watch all the preview hype and then the race. YAY!!!
And about all the DMC hype...thanks for all your comments, there are so many conflicting stories now, it's hard to tell what's truth or rumor. But I am (like many others) going out and kitting up some of the patterns that I know that I want to stitch and are coded for DMC. Can you image if DMC does go belly up? DMC will get scarce, the overdyed folks who use it as a base will have to find another comparable source and prices are sure to go up for those trying to purchase any of it at all. And honestly, I don't want to have to convert to Anchor because it's more expensive than DMC, none of the big craft stores carry it so I won't be able to just run to AC MOORES or Michaels in the evening when I'm out shopping for groceries to pick up a skein or two and I really don't want another set of fibers. But I will do what I have to do to continue with my hobby.

Ok, enough soapbox....the Dyson and the laundry are calling me.

Hope you all have a nice weekend and I am so happy that you've stopped by to chat.


Karoline said...

Their song is gorgeous Joanie

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie, your "Their song" is beautiful. You have done an excellent job of preframing.
I was thinking about the DMC saga and I think it would be an OMG moment if they went belly up. What would I do. It is the only thread that I use as I find all the overdyed threads etc. to expensive out here and Anchor is harder to get. Have a lovely weekend. Mine is nearly over - Sandra.

staci said...

Their Song looks fabulous!!! You did a great job lacing and the frame is perfect!

Carol said...

Awesome Joanie!!

Anonymous said...

I love this design and your stitching of it and the frame look wonderful!

paru's_circle said...

its awesome! i just got blackbird designs ''sunflower house'' from the framers.. and my hubby is commenting that i chose a ''cheap'' frame.. its not on my blog yet