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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Americana Sampler (LHN)

Fresh off the needle! Americana Sampler from Little House Needleworks. I started it in 2005 and worked on it a little each year. I went great gangbusters in the beginning but found it hard to get into as I stitched on it. But I put my needle to the fabric this year and SWORE that I would finish it! And I did.

Americana Sampling - Limited Edition
Little House Needlework
Cresent Color Cotton fibers
32ct Flax linen
The lovely Ella Kitty. I thinks she's adorable but Mike will be taking her back to Rochester next week. I've been campaigning to have her live here but he will hear none of that crazy talk.

And look at this glorious peony! From MY garden! It's as big as a dinner plate and smells divine. I have an abundance of peonies this year. And I love them so much!

Lastly, a bit of a brag, I built that little rock wall (granted it's only 3 courses high) by my own hands over Memorial day weekend. The David did not lift a finger except to remove the sod when we extended it an extra 2 feet in width to match the edge of the sidewalk. It looks good if I do say so myself and I am PROUD of myself to follow through on a vision until it was finished. I was dog tired after I finished it that weekend but I haven't stopped grinning when I look at it.

(Excuse the house, it's f-ugly and the boys waxing the big truck in the backyard.)

I hope you had a great weekend, stitching and having a wonderful day with your Daddy. Mine is in heaven but I felt his presence all day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD..with love from your girl....


Aussie Stitcher said...

Your sampler looks great, well done on finishing it.

Karoline said...

Your sampler is lovely, congratulations

Jeanne said...

Perfect timing on a lovely sampler - just in time to be framed for July 4!

Your peony and wall are great, too! Congratulations on all three! :-)

staci said...

Congrats on your Americana looks spectacular!

Coni said...

Your blog looks fantastic, Joanie! Love the new look!

Level 1 Homemaker said...

I am wanting to buy this LHN chart. You wouldn't be interested in selling your copy, would you?