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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Weekend News

Thanks for the kind words everyone on my little basket that I made for the Quaker exchange on Legacy! I had a blast making this little basket, I did sweat a little when I stretched the second piece over the mat board lid. I was worried that it wouldn't be centered on the lid and it would be off center against it's mate. It's not a hard piece to make just a bit fiddley.
Jackie, it's my own design, if you'd like I can mail you the instructions on how to construct one. I want to make one for me, so maybe I'll get the DH to help take some photos of the construction.
Mike came home from Combative training. He passed the Level 1 Clinch test (if you want to know what that is, just google Army clinch test and you will have a plethora of you tube videos to choose from.) The lovely Jenna is in Australia, a bit homesick right now. I hope she works through it. She sent Mike some pictures of where she is staying, it's right off the beach. The view from her balcony is of the marina and the beach is about a 3 minute walk from her apartment. The group she's with lucked out for accomodations, the dorms were filled so they are in a furnished suite in a resort. Lucky girl. Just keep her in your thoughts, she's struggling a bit being on the other side of the world by herself.
Because Mike was home this weekend, my needle was idle. I've been working to finish a LHN pattern for the 4th of July. I passed the original pattern on to Sue and I only have a little bit left to do on the border and underneath the basket of flags. I decided to leave off the 1776-2005 date and replace it with a row of stars. I thought I'd be finished with this little sampler by now but honestly, it's deceptively a lot of work! I am close to a happy dance though, only an hour or so left of stitching so I hope to be tappin' my toes soon! If I can find an unfinished flat face frame, I have an idea on how to paint it for this piece.
Then it's onto the next Wip, although I am contemplating starting a few *small* pieces for July 4th. This isn't cast in stone, though, even though I pulled out patterns, linen and thread. I'd like to make a small basket of pinkeeps, cushions and ornaments of small patriotic designs. I pulled a bunch of Lizzie*Kate, LHN, Bent Creek and Heart In Hand smallish pieces. We'll have to see how the rest of the month goes. Otherwise, I'll be working on Where My Heart Blooms and Beatrix Potter. Beatrix has risen to the top of the heap because I promised the pattern to a friend after I am finished with it so I feel a little obligated to work on her and get her done so I can pass the pattern on to my friend.
Speaking on BBD, have you seen the newest Loose Feather and the first 2 parts of the *Mystery Sampler*? Oh my! I can't wait till they arrive at my door.
Check them out:
Mystery Sampler

Blessings and Kind Wishes

Well, I really have to run! Talk to you later!


Katrina said...

Congrats to your son.

I love the new blackbird pieces and I think the mystery piece is going to be fabulous.

Jackie in UK said...

Hello again! :-)

Yes please - I would *love* you to email me some instructions - your finishing is just *exquisite*!

I have been working on some smalls recently too - I need to post some photos on my blog soon......

My email is in my profile and is as follows:

Many thanks!

Jackie xx

Jackie in UK said...

I forgot to say that I really like the look of the new BBD mystery, so I have ordered one large piece of fabric for it from Drema at Needlecraft Corner....can't wait for the parcel to arrive! :-)

Jackie xx