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Monday, October 27, 2008

Blessings & Kind Wishes, Beatrix Potter Update and Frogs

I started LA-D-DA's, Something Wicked last weekend while watching Russell Crowe in *A Good Year*.

I don't know why I started another new piece, it just called my name and I caved. I've been in a Halloween mood so maybe that's why. Maybe it was because I think the boot is too cool. And I love the design. Do I really need a reason to add another piece to my eleventy-dozen WIP? Nah...what's one more.

I stitched the outline of the boot so that I could mindlessly stitch some evening when I am burned out and don't want to count. On Friday, I needed to mindlessly stitch until realized that I am off by 2 stitches somewhere near where the boot thins out. I found the error and I will have to rip out about 50 stitches on the thin part of the boot. It's just a pain.

Last night, I worked on Blackbird Designs, Blessings and Kind Wishes, while I watched Pretty Woman on TV. I stitched some of the vines around the storks and I worked on the left stork and almost finished the bird's body until...DUM, DUM, D-U-M-M-M! I realized that I mislocated the stork by one thread too far to the left of where it should be placed..DRAT!!! DOUBLE DRAT!!! Now, I have to rip out 3 hours of work. Dang you, Richard Gere! Why are you eye candy???!!!

Does anyone have any frog repellant? Send some my way, PLEASE!!! I've been invaded by frogs. Actually, I have to stop watching movies with stars that are easy on the eyes.

I worked a little on Beatrix Potter during the Quaker Challenge on Let's Stitch and I finally got a picture of my progress.

I love the sampler and the AVAS silk is wonderful. I find this sampler very relaxing to work on but I don't think I will stitch any more on Bea until 2009. I joined the Beatrix Potter SAL and it doesn't officially begin until January '09. So I decided just to put Bea to rest for a few months until the SAL officially begins and until then, concentrate on making some ornaments for the Cadet and Jenna and work on some Christmas presents. I will be making a lot of my presents this year since money is a bit tight with the DH on leave of absence. I better get busy cause before you know it, Santa will be here.
I ordered a bunch of stash yesterday. I really shouldn't have but I needed some retail therapy. Just a bit down and yes, clicking on a few OLNs was theraputic. But I have to watch my pennies for the rest of November. I bought a bunch of Lizzie*Kate cause I saw on Amy Stitches some ornaments made with Lizzie*Kate designs that were adorable. I bought new Plum Street Samplings Halloween patterns and honestly, I can't remember what else. I do know that my mailbox will be happy when they get here. I am looking forward to opening my mailbox cause it's like getting presents instead of bills for a change.

Well, I just wanted to reach out to you today. I am sorry for the rambling post but it just felt good to *talk*. I hope you are having a good Monday. After dinner, I'll be in my cozy spot with my needle ripping out either a witch's shoe or a stork and I hope you will be stitching this evening too! But not frogging. You make progress. I'll keep the frogs from you.


Miss 376 said...

I stopped stitching last week because the frog wouldn't go away, now I know where he went. I'm so sorry. This pieces are look great, so I hope you have a better night tonight.

staci said...

Sorry about the frogs...hope they've hopped away!

Vonna said...

Well look how busy you've been even if those dratted froggies came hopping around....
I just finished Something Wicked and I love it! I have it all framed up and it's cute as a button!

And I saw your over 1 Prairie Schooler Sampler too on Let's Stitch...I am so jealous and just salivating looking at its gorgeousness!

Shelleen said...

sorry about that darn frog. But your pieces look good. We will have to get together and stitch. By the way I am only 40 minutes from Brockport if you ever visit your son :-)

Annemarie said...

Those pesky frogs... My advice is: skin them alive and use them for lining Halloween ornies.
Seriously? I would rather start a project all over again than frog. So I tend not to frog. That's why my stitched pieces always look weird. At least they're totally unique.
Love Bea!

Karoline said...

I hope you've managed to evict the frogs. Beatrix is looking lovely

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie,
I had a visit from the dreaded Frog as well last night. I was working on Lois Minshall TRYING to do one flower in the border. Talk about an AHHHH moment. Don't know how many times I pulled it undone.
Beatrix is looking lovely. Its a good idea to wait and join the SAL. I might do that with mine.
I hope you have a lovely Halloween - Sandra.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Joanie, I hope that you can get those dratted frogs under control. Congratulations on finishing your PS piece it looks wonderful.