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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello, hello? Are you still with me?

Whew! What a couple of weeks!!!! My life has been very busy so of course, my stitching has suffered. We did get through our hugh certification audit (with 0 nonconformances AND a 100% score! YAY!!!) and now it's on to an entirely different certification, one that my partner and I know nothing about. It never ends but I'll take the crazy as long as it means I will stay employed. After all, I MUST support my habit.
I did work a little on Beatrix Potter and I finished up a Halloween exchange piece that I can't show you just yet. That's been the extent of my needlework.
Can you believe October is over half over? I must start thinking about Christmas gifts. I need to decide on what I am going to make and get busy. I don't think I am going to stitch large gifts, most of what I am thinking of stitching are ornaments. Mainly because these gifts are for my Weight Watcher friends and a couple of my co-workers. Our family doesn't have any small children to buy for now, so the young adults get what they love..$$$ which is ALWAYS the right size and color.
Oh, and the Cadet and the lovely Jenna have set a wedding September of '09, which gives me only 11 months to work on a wedding sampler. I know which one I am going to stitch, it's going to be Victoria Sampler's, Heirloom Wedding Sampler.

I love it and I know that they will too. I am debating on whether to stitch it on a cream backround so the hardanger stands out. What do you think? If you have suggestions, please tell me. I know that I don't want to stitch it on the platinum cashel, I don't like the color. And I will be changing out a couple of things on the sampler too. That means I better get the graph paper and pencils out.

Well, I've got to to the big holiday craft show in Syracuse! This weekend has been one thing after another fun thing...a dinner Friday, a baby shower yesterday and now a craft show! I'll write more later!


Miss 376 said...

This is a beautiful sampler, I am sure they'll treasure it

connie said...

Glad your back Joanie..I've missed your blog..beautiful sampler ..Connie

Sherry said...

Glad to see you back! This is a beautiful sampler and they will love it!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on the certification and good luck with the next one.

The wedding sampler will be a real treasure.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is lovely news about the Cadet and Jenna, I wish them well, and they will love the sampler.

Von said...

Joanie, the VS sampler is a stunner and I'm excited to see how you're going to tweak the design!

Congrats on getting through your audit and good luck with the next certification. :)

Glenna said...

I have this (and actually have the chart and the goodies for it). What might be nice, depending on the colors they're wearing for the wedding (flowers, bridesmaids, etc.) would be to work some of the more narrow bands in some color other than the white. It's gorgeous, gorgeous, but I think it could use just the merest whisper of a touch of color, and only one. Just my opinion, because it's going to be stunning either way. One thing I like about VS is that you can do one band at a time, so you see your progress in a way that you might not in a regular sampler.