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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hello, friends! I feel like I've been a little MIA.

Well, there is a lot going on at Chez Chaos, so much that I haven't picked up a needle in 2 weeks!!! My word. Can you say withdrawl?

Work is very busy. This past week, my partner and I conducted an internal audit of our Management, New Product Introduction, Development and Qualification processes. Four days of non-stop interviewing. Now, I have to write up my report. Fun.

On Friday, it was the Cadet's Military Ball. The DH and I attended and it was VERY cool. I always look forward to this dinner. On Saturday, I met with the Lovely Jenna's, Mom, for some serious wedding shopping. We went to lunch and then the Cadet and I had some one-on-one time, just so we could chat. He bought me ice cream. And now, I am home, keeping the fires burning cause Dave went to Pittsburgh to visit his parents and see his brother, who just came in from Nebraska for a few days. I am tending to my menagerie and trying to get some work done in my house. I am a little overwhelmed! Hence, no stitching.

SO sad. But I plan on fixing that situation as soon as humanly possible. I am so close to finishing Bea now and I found my materials for the wedding sampler (they went MIA for a day or so). Plus, I have a number of Wips to work on and, did you see the Blackbird Design freebie? Oh, how I want to stitch this darling little sampler! But I think it's going to have to go on the back burner for awhile. Exchanges and the wedding sampler, plus Bea will take up most of my stitching time.

Well, sweet friends, it's off to bed with me. I have to get up bright and early to tend to my critters. Then it's off to work. Damn, I wish I would have taken tomorrow off. But I would be cursing myself later when I really need that vacation day. Hope you are well and are spending copious amounts of time stitching.

I am jealous.


Miss 376 said...

I didn't do any stitching for two weeks as I was ill. Boy, weren't my fingers itching! Hope you get some stitching time soon

connie said...

I haven't been doing much stitching either it has been so nice and I am spending all my time outside doing things..

Deb said...

I can only imagine the withdrawal you went through not being able to stitch for two weeks. Hopefully you'll be able to make up for it soon.

Jan said...

Sorry for the lack of stitching time, and really can relate to withdrawal from it. Here is hoping you get some time soon.

Pam said...

I didn't get a whole lot of stitching done this weekend as the weather was really warm here and the kids and I were outside. I know what you mean about withdrawal. I'm finally getting my stitching mojo back after it went MIA for what seemed like quite a while to me. I just printed out that little Blackbird Sampler last night and I started it this afternoon. It won't be done in time to enter into ther contest, but it's the perfect size to take with me on my travels when I have to take my kids someplace.

Melissa said...

Hi Joanie,

Well I have missed a couple of weeks stitching too what with my back and all. I think This is the Day is turning into "This will BE, one day"! I hear you about missing stitching and being too busy. Hope things calm down soon to give you some stitching time!

Von said...

Ah Joanie, I hope life settles down to a dull roar so you and your needles can become reacquainted!

Your time with the Cadet, Jenna and her family sounded productive! There's always so much to coordinate in planning a wedding :)

Anonymous said...