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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves...This is exactly what I wanted to do this afternoon but instead, I started my Spring cleaning. The house smells very fresh!

Ella found a new perch. The Grandfather clock commemorated my DH's 25th service anniversary from IBM.

Unfortunately, she and the barn cat had an altercation about 6AM on Friday morning. She jumped from this perch and to our horror, the grandfather clock fell over. My DH was beyond mad and he was very upset. It survived the fall with some damage, the corner of the pediment is crushed and there are a few scratches. We were pretty amazed at the lack of damage because the weights separated from the chains. We thought that the glass panels in the door would be smashed to smithereens. The glass popped out of the gasket in the door and nothing was broken.

Sweetie-girl burying her nose between the sofa cushions.

And Olivia...

Don't they look comfy?
Well, now I am going to stitch and watch TV.
Have a Happy Easter!


connie said...

Joanie that was awful about your husbands grandfather clock..I hope that it can be fixed without much trouble,for the scratches you can buy wood crayons the color of the clock and hopefully you will be able to glue the piece that broke off..Our animals sure have the life not a worry in the world..

Shelleen said...

I hope that you can get your clock fixed ok. I thought I was the only one with bad cats that did things like that.

samplerlover said...

Oh Joanie, what an awful thing to happen to the clock. I could just imagine what would happen if it was in my house. Theres a reason why we call my DH "grumble bum" lol. shh don't tell him I told you. - Sandra.

Kit said...

Oh, I hope the clock can be fixed with little expense. Thank goodness the cats are so cute!