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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Need An Intervention

Well, here we go.  I need someone to either reset me (cause I've tilted).  I've done it again. Click, click, click and start.  Even though I have PLENTY to stitch and have enough starts to last me until the next millenium or I live through all of my cat's 9 lives whichever comes first. 

Maybe I need to go to Stitcher's confession...Bless me Father, for I have bought and started.....only to end with this penance:  Thread 3 needles with silk and start no more. 

What have I bought?  What have I started?
I bought all the new Prairie Schoolers, pre-ordered the JCS Halloween issue and the Christmas ornament issue, the new Kelmscott blackbird needleminder and the little bird feeder and a beeskep.

And this:

and I started (told you I would!!):

Well, I certainly will be stocked up when I can't buy anything for awhile.  I am not sure if I am hoarding (oh, what an ugh-ly word) cause in a month (yes, A MONTH) my David will be retired and for the first time in 31 years, I, yes, ME, will be making MORE money than he will be?   Am I just binging because just like  right before going on a diet, you eat everything that you love because you might not get anymore?

I don't know the reason but this is it.  No more.  I've got to close my eyes, pretend that you can't enable me, stay away from the OLNs, just say NO.

Yeah...that's the ticket.

Until next time.  LOL!

Thanks for letting me rant.  I  love you guys.

Actually, I think that I am buying stuff because I am getting anxious about all the changes that will be happening in a month.  I am such a control freak and unfortunately, I can't control this. 

Some women buy shoes, others buy jewelry.  I buy needlework.

So that's my story.  I'm sticking with it.


Katrina said...

LOL! I always use that justification for my stash acquisitions. Great new stash BTW.

Glenna said...

Before I took my new, much lower-paying job (hopefully it will lead to something better, but in these times, who knows) I bought every bit of needlework in sight. I about needed a tractor trailer to haul in the silks, the fabrics amd the charts. So yeah, I know exactly what you mean. If it's any consolation, now that I'm actually getting that lower paycheck, I'm too freaked out to buy anything except for a single PS chart--the one YOU pointed out, so going cold turkey hasn't been all that bad.

Natalia said...

I sooooo hear you, sister !!!! I have made myself so many promises not to buy new things for my stash and I always fail. Always find some kind of justification. LOL !!! I did get a good laugh from your post this morning, though. You are so funny....

diamondc said...

I always have a great giggle when I read your blogs, I just have to have the Prairie Schooler Halloween pattern I am calling my fav needlework shop, today, I hope you get untilted soon, Mike has been in the Phillipines for three weeks on a mission trip to a sister parish, he comes home tomorrow I have been very good about not buying any stash, I like it when he goes with I look at something and he insists I buy I am lucky to have him.
I love reading about you I hope you are havig a great summer.

Tammy said...

Awesome stash - love all of it. I have cut back ALOT on purchasing charts. I just have so many great things, but sometimes there are a few that just call out to you "BUY ME!!", and we have to. :-p

Jeanne said...

I'm with you Joanie...I don't spend much on clothes, facials and things like that but my hobbies are another story. I too have more stash than I'll ever need but can't seem to stop buying. I think retirement is kind of scary stitching coworker and I say we're stocking up in case we are poor retirees we'll at least have enough stitching to last us for 2 or 3 decades LOL.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Love the sampler. You are an enabler girl! I just ordered it....Nancy

Brigitte said...

I have cut back on buying new charts, but every now and then I need a little kick, for example when there are new PS charts. I just have to have them. So I can easily understand you, lol.
BTW, great new stash!

Joy said...

What a fun post! You'll be fine with a retired biggest fear when mine retired was not stash money but him around all the time!! Fifteen years later, he's still around and since I have been "let go" (why do they say that?) from my job, I plan on shopping in my own home. LOL

Can't wait to see progress on the sampler! Happy Stitching