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Monday, July 05, 2010

It Was A Hay-venture This Holiday Weekend

Here in good ol' Upstate NY, it's been hot, 90+ degrees hot.  Hotter than it's been in many summers and it's going to remain hot until the end of the week when we will cool down to the mere mid-80's. Woo hoo.

So during this holiday weekend, most of my plans were put on hold because we put in hay - 350 bales. The hot weather is just fine for hay. Hay loves hot weather. Farmers who are mowing, raking and baling, love hot weather. The DH who LOVES to hay is ok with hot weather. However, the person who is unloading the truck on to the hay elevator (that'd be me) doesn't love hot weather mixed with putting in hay. You could say she is allergic to hot weather and hay when they are mixed together.  But like a good country girl, I put on my jeans, leather gloves and hat and got down to business. My job involved straddling the truck's tailgate and the sawhorse the hay elevator was resting on, slinging bales (average weight 50 pound and over half my size in length) onto the elevator.  Yes, I fell off the sawhorse once because it gets slippery with hay chaff and took down the elevator. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the making of this hay-venture.  The only injury was a bruised ego and very sore muscles the next day (I have muscles that I didn't know I had and they are very unhappy!).

So, to amuse you, here are some pics of our Hay-venture:

36 bales make a truckload:

Setting up the elevator and getting ready to unload:

There they go, up to the hayloft:

The King of Hay:

Almost done! See the technique of loading the elevator (the King of Hay didn't fall off the sawhorse):

Sweeping up after the last load:

Hay-venture 2010 is history!!

Hay!  YUM!!!
And just so you don't think this was an all work weekend, we grilled, gardened, hung out and went to the fireworks.  I stitched on Alphabets this weekend but didn't get my July 4th pieces finished (always next year, I guess).  And the King of Hay went and helped his buddy put in hay at his place, another 800 bales.

I hope all of you had a terrific July 4th and a great weekend!

PS.  I've not forgotten the give-away.  I am trying to decide if I want to make something or give away some charts and accoutraments to go with them...what do you think you'd like me to give away??  Let me know!


Missy aka Birdy said...

I'm thinking of Fat Albert...HAY HAY HAY!! lol lol

My brother just put up 700 bales and he was so glad to be doing it. He's loves his horses.

Giveaway...hmmmmmm... I seem to give away all of my stitching I stitch so receiving or winning a stitched gift id always welcomed. I may have a contest for a "finished" stitching gift one day I'm just not sure if my finishing is up to par!! :)


diamondc said...

Wow Joanie: you really need a rest and what a better way than to stitch, We are having a storm now and hope it gets over soon, I would trade this for 90 degrees.
Happy stitching my friend.
God Bless America

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

WOW! 350 bales of hay. I have helped my friend with that chore years ago and know how tough it is. Especially in this heat we are having in the northeast. Joanie you rock! Your horse is so cute!

Vonna said...

King of Hay :) That's cute...does he carry a Sythe and a Pitchfork? Cause the weather sounds like the furnace of hell! LOL!

Sounds like you had one Hay of a weekend!

Barb said...

Joanie it is always nice to receive a stitched item however if time is an issue whatever you decide for a giveaway I am sure would be appreciated.
Gosh that looks hard work -my dh comes from a farming family and tells me about when he was a boy(many moons ago)and used to drive the tractor at 10 and pick strawberries and the produce they grew for Market. So I think he would envy you the hay making. I certainly couldnt do that or contend with the heat just too darn hot!!! looks like the woofit has settled in fine.Hugs from the UK