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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Thanks for all the encouraging words about my painting.  No takers just yet.  Haven't a clue why though.   Not enough pics?  Need some props to spur creativity and whet an appetite?  I do know that I was anxious to post the pic with the hope that someone would snatch it up..didn't happen.

I have a witch and another ghost, a cat and a pumpkin 90% complete. I hope to post them by Monday.  Then I am on to Christmas painting, snowmen, santas, sleds and ornaments.  This painting gig is cutting into my stitching though.  I am having serious needle withdrawl especially because I have all that cool new stash just begging to be started.

Jan asked about Bea.  I stitched Bea on 32ct Antique Ivory with AVAS 4612, one strand of silk over 2 threads.  It's what Needleprint recommended.  I wanted a reproduction sampler so I stitched it as it was recommended.  Didn't change a thing.  Oh, I toyed with the idea of personalizing it but in the end, my purist heart won out.  I usually don't mess around with repros but I've been known to tweak other patterns here and there to make them my own.  I am getting better about that too and trusting my judgement.  After all, what's 5 years of fine arts with a BFA in graphics design going to buy me?  If nothing else, the confidence to trust my judgement on changing it up a bit.

I started Prairie Schooler's, Sweeping Cobwebs, on 35 ct Lambswool linen but I don't like the way the 3371 is covering the linen even though it's a higher count.  I think I'm going to start it over on something else and finish this piece as a big pin pillow.  This weekend is a finishing weekend.  I've got a number of things waiting to be put together and I must finish off my BBD exchange piece and pop it in the mail on Monday. 

So, I hope you have a wonderful day today, I have a bit of laundry to do and some housework to catch up on.  Then I hope to get creative.

Thanks for stopping by.  Love when you show up and leave comments.  They make me smile!


Jan said...

Put it on Etsy, Joanie....once it is joined by others, it will get snatched up. Plus it is a bit early for Halloween to be on people's minds, but never fear it will happen in a few short weeks!

Thanks for the info on Bea...I am doing mine the same, only chose an overdyed fiber in a color that I deemed most similar to the recommendation. Fabric is a color that I just love, so that part was easy! Depends on what it is, whether I go with the exact things, but most often if it is a repro, I stick with what is charted.

Can't wait to see your finishes, will check back on Monday! Have a good one!

Natalia said...

I think your paintings will sell, Joanie. You are very good at it !!

Barbeeque4 said...

Thanks for stopping by the Blog!! BP is just beautiful - and looks great framed. When I finished mine a couple of years ago I couldn't wait to have her framed.

Natalia said...

Hi Joanie, this is an answer to your question on my blog about frame stores on line. There are two websites that I use the most: and Sometimes I also use I hope this helps.

Carol said...

Hi Joanie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments... I'm always happy to "meet" fellow cross-stitchers and visit their blogs in return :)

Interesting that you were originally from the Pittsburgh area. I live in northern Allegheny County (near Soergel's Farm Market if you know where that is!). And guess where I'm originally from? Upstate NY!! A tiny town south of Buffalo...

Glad to have found your blog--looks like we share the same taste in designers :)