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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Time I Looked...

This WAS a stitching blog.  So, I took a few (bad) pics of what I've stitched on the last couple of weeks.  I admit, I haven't stitched as much as I usually do or like to do.  It's been catch as catch can.  Right now, I am up to my elbows in acrylic paint. 

Before we begin...Here's the disclaimer.

The day is overcast in upstate NY.  The colors are a bit flat. I am using a point and shoot camera and the zoom makes things a little fuzzy.  And the camera operator was in a hurry when she took these pictures and is not responsible for off color or wrinkles in the fabric cause she was too LAZY to drag out the iron and ironing board.

Sue me.

First up! This is an older Merrily Beams chart called Alphabets.  I am stitching it with a very nice AVAS red on a creme fabric. 

I am trying not to get bored stitching the alphabets so I play games with myself and stitch in 4 letter blocks.  So I don't poke my eyes out stitching the line of birds I've included them in the block while stitching the alphabet above them.  I have to play games with myself to stay motivated.  Do you do that?

He's a Flake by Little House Needlework. 

He's eye-less and nose-less right now and looks a tad scarey. Hmm-mn. Honestly, I am stitching him on the recommended Weeks Dye Works linen, Straw but it definitely is g-r-e-y in this pic instead of that yellow ochre color. Sorry folks, see the disclaimer above.

Lately, I've been on a Prairie Schooler binge.  I think it's cause it's Halloween time and I adore her Halloween charts.  (And her snowmen but that's later.)  This is the upper half of Sweeping Cobwebs.  I will be making it into a pin pillow/cushion.   And yes, I just realized that I left off the orange in the border on the lower right.  Geez. 

Lastly, here's another Prairie Schooler Witch from the same chart that's destined to become another pillow finish with a black beaded edge.

Have you been perusing the OLN sneak peeks for the St. Charles Markets?  I have a couple of things on my short list.  Not a lot of the charts have appealed to me yet.  I do want this however:

Kelmscott Needle Minder:
I have a couple of these that I've stuck on my stitching lamp base and I don't know what it is about them, but I find them charming.

And I've recently added to my very gluttonous stash:

From the Drawn Thread because I adore Halloween and she's finally designing something other than flower beds:

I like this one (Too Everything There is a Season) too but I'm going to have to save some shekels before it comes to live with me:

I have a lot of Drawn Thread charts.  I used to buy them just about sight unseen until it seemed that all Cynthia was designing were charts based on gardens.  I love gardens too but they just became tedious to me.  (Sorry true Drawn Thread fans.)  I adore her house designs and was very happy to see the chart above.
And of course, another Blackbird Designs chart was added to my umm-mm, collection

This one reminds me off my grandparent's home so I think when I get around to stitching it I'll add their initials to it and the date they married in the flower urn. 
Well, I think the paint has dried sufficiently so I can start adding faces to the pumpkins so my break is over.  I hope you are having the best day doing what you absolutely LOVE. 

I hope you enjoyed your time with me checking out my little corner of the world.  I do appreciate you guys so much!  Thanks for coming by!


connie said...

Hi Joanie.I love what you are stitching and I love your stash additions.I am going to get that needle minder too.It is just to cute to pass up..

diamondc said...

I love the needle minder its so primitive looking.
Your witches are great now I must go to my fav shop and buy that Prairie Schooler pattern
Lots of lovely things to look at today, thank-you for sharing.

Katrina said...

Fun projects and I like everything on your wishlist too :-).

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I love the Halloween and I am not a halloweener but that particular one is very nice.
Be always in stitches.

Giovanna said...

Love those PS pieces! You've added some lovely designs to your stash.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing all of your latest projects with us, Joanie--I especially love the Prairie Schoolers.

The things on your wishlist look mighty tempting to me too!

staci said...

Love your stitching, everything looks fabulous!

That DT Halloween chart is way too cute!

Vonna said...

Oh Joanie, my dear, you play hell with my pocket book. Never gave Drawn Thread a parting glance until you post Halloween and Houses...oh yikes...

Your stitching is gorgeous too! :)

Margaret said...

It was so much fun seeing what you're stitching right now! You have good taste. :D I agree with you about Drawn Thread -- nice to see her doing something different that I really like. I love those Kelmscott needleminders too. Don't use them like you, but I love them anyway! lol! Thanks for visitng my blog!

Karoline said...

Your wips look great & you're Halloween finishes are lovely.

Faye said...

Hey me and I will advise you about the La D Da you were asking about on my blog....