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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hi There

I hope all my US friends had a great Thanksgiving!  And to all my out of country buddies, I hope you had a nice weekend.  I made it a l-o-n-g weekend out of it, I took vacation 1/2 day vacation on Tuesday, a full day of vacation on Wednesday and Friday was shutdown.  I thought I'd get a lot of stitching done but that didn't happen.  I worked on Miss Snow Fairy and my Lizzie Kate Christmas snip-its.  But what I spent most of the weekend on was our bedroom.  The David decided he wanted to remove the acoustic ceiling, sand and repaint it.  That led to repainting the entire room and steam cleaning the carpet.  My knees still aren't happy from getting up and down the ladder a bojillion times. We painted the room a lovely caramel color called Cracker Bitz.  I thought I'd get a pic of the room for you but there hasn't been any sun in my chunk o'world since LAST week.  It's rained and rained and continues to rain here.  But, the bedroom looks spectacular and it's stayed clutter free for 4 whole days!!   A RECORD!!! LOL!

Tonight I am very tired and somewhat down.  There is so much to do to get ready for Mike and Jenna when they come home for Christmas (crossing my fingers).  I haven't done any decorating yet. I usually wait until mid-December to put up the tree but I think this year I'm going to put it up next weekend.   I think I'll do some decorating on the weekend, the table decorations and window garlands.  Probably, I'll start on Sunday cause I'm going to a Cookie Exchange on Saturday (I'm making 8 dozen peanut butter blossom cookies on Friday night). 

Have you heard about the Crazy January Challenge where you start a new project everyday for the first 15 days in January and then working on them throughout the year until they are done?  It's like a 1/2 month Guilt-free January.  I've decided instead of starting 15 new pieces (which is truly crazy and got me in the WIP mess that I'm currently in), I'm going to chose 15 WIPs and work on them until they are finished.  I'm joining this blog Up 4 a Challenge .  Jayne from An Eye for Threads at Henley's Landing is hosting it.  I'll post my 15 and then let the challenge begin.  Want to join me?

Oh, I've decided that I will have my Give-Away on December 21st.  It's a Frosty Friend Giveaway, filled with Snowmen...a painted Frosty Friend, some Frosty Stash, fabric and a chart or 3....stay tuned for the details. I'm going to keep it watch for the post announcing it on the 15th!

Anyway...I'm going to go off and try to stitch.  Sorry no pics.  Maybe when the sun returns soon, I hope.


CalamityJr said...

Your bedroom color sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to a (sunny) posting! You're way ahead of me with your Christmas planning. I'm waiting until after this Friday, when we celebrate two November birthdays and Thanksgiving! Oh, well - we just have to have our holidays when the "children" are home, right?!

connie said...

Hi Joanie...Don't be have something nice to look forward to..Mike and Jenna coming home..I hope it happens for you..I know Christmas is so stressful anymore..I haven't done anything ..No presents bought..No decorations etc..Oh well..Can't wait to see pictures of your painted bedroom..I have wanted to paint mine for the last 2 years..this spring I am going to make that happen..

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Thanks for joining our "Up for a Challenge" it will be so much fun seeing the progress in motion. Sew to speak.
Be always in stitches.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you've been very busy!! I agree with you, I think the challenge to work on WIPs sounds like a good idea - I need to get some of mine done!!

Vonna said...

I'm a member of the challenge...and I goin' to do some WIP bustin! :0)