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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Time I Looked...

This WAS a stitching blog.  So, I took a few (bad) pics of what I've stitched on the last couple of weeks.  I admit, I haven't stitched as much as I usually do or like to do.  It's been catch as catch can.  Right now, I am up to my elbows in acrylic paint. 

Before we begin...Here's the disclaimer.

The day is overcast in upstate NY.  The colors are a bit flat. I am using a point and shoot camera and the zoom makes things a little fuzzy.  And the camera operator was in a hurry when she took these pictures and is not responsible for off color or wrinkles in the fabric cause she was too LAZY to drag out the iron and ironing board.

Sue me.

First up! This is an older Merrily Beams chart called Alphabets.  I am stitching it with a very nice AVAS red on a creme fabric. 

I am trying not to get bored stitching the alphabets so I play games with myself and stitch in 4 letter blocks.  So I don't poke my eyes out stitching the line of birds I've included them in the block while stitching the alphabet above them.  I have to play games with myself to stay motivated.  Do you do that?

He's a Flake by Little House Needlework. 

He's eye-less and nose-less right now and looks a tad scarey. Hmm-mn. Honestly, I am stitching him on the recommended Weeks Dye Works linen, Straw but it definitely is g-r-e-y in this pic instead of that yellow ochre color. Sorry folks, see the disclaimer above.

Lately, I've been on a Prairie Schooler binge.  I think it's cause it's Halloween time and I adore her Halloween charts.  (And her snowmen but that's later.)  This is the upper half of Sweeping Cobwebs.  I will be making it into a pin pillow/cushion.   And yes, I just realized that I left off the orange in the border on the lower right.  Geez. 

Lastly, here's another Prairie Schooler Witch from the same chart that's destined to become another pillow finish with a black beaded edge.

Have you been perusing the OLN sneak peeks for the St. Charles Markets?  I have a couple of things on my short list.  Not a lot of the charts have appealed to me yet.  I do want this however:

Kelmscott Needle Minder:
I have a couple of these that I've stuck on my stitching lamp base and I don't know what it is about them, but I find them charming.

And I've recently added to my very gluttonous stash:

From the Drawn Thread because I adore Halloween and she's finally designing something other than flower beds:

I like this one (Too Everything There is a Season) too but I'm going to have to save some shekels before it comes to live with me:

I have a lot of Drawn Thread charts.  I used to buy them just about sight unseen until it seemed that all Cynthia was designing were charts based on gardens.  I love gardens too but they just became tedious to me.  (Sorry true Drawn Thread fans.)  I adore her house designs and was very happy to see the chart above.
And of course, another Blackbird Designs chart was added to my umm-mm, collection

This one reminds me off my grandparent's home so I think when I get around to stitching it I'll add their initials to it and the date they married in the flower urn. 
Well, I think the paint has dried sufficiently so I can start adding faces to the pumpkins so my break is over.  I hope you are having the best day doing what you absolutely LOVE. 

I hope you enjoyed your time with me checking out my little corner of the world.  I do appreciate you guys so much!  Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Painting - For Sale

As you know, I've started to paint again.  I posted a picture of Boo, awhile back but now I've got a few more things to share.  If you are interested, please email me at

Primitive Bee Skep

Witchy Poo

Pumpkin Witch


Thanks for taking a peek! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Year Ago....

Our son, Mike, married the lovely Jenna!

Congratulations, Jenna & Mike!  We love you and wish you many, many more happy years together!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

New York City

Shanksville, Pennsylvania

The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia

We will NEVER forget!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

OMGosh! 50 Followers!!

Wow!!!  I'm more than happy that you all like what you read!  Geez, I feel popular!  This calls for something special!  Hmm-mm-mm....let me think....

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blackbird Designs Exchange from Ela

As you know, last year I created and ran 4 Rounds of an exchange of Blackbird Designs.  It was fairly successful until the last round when 50% of the exchangers failed to complete their commitment to their partners.  It was a hugh disappointment to me and at that time, I decided to end the exchange and delete the blog.  Enter Patti from Tapestry of Dreams.  She asked to take the exchange over and she's successfully grown the exchange with this round.  I wasn't going to participate in Round 5 but she twisted my arm and am I ever so glad!  My partner was Ela from France.  She sent me a fabric roll:

Ela chose to stitch Bluebird's Message over one and set it into a quilted patchwork of beautiful fabrics.  I can't show you how exquisitely made this piece is.  The craftmanship and stitching is beautiful.  I was speechless when I opened up the package.  I am blown away by the generous gift and generous heart of Ela. I know that this piece took a long time to make and I just can't get over how someone that I've never met in person would do something so time consuming for me.  I can't thank her enough.  I will cherish this piece of artwork and will fondly think of Ela whenever I place one of my own pieces of needlework into it while it waits for finishing.

I just had to share this with you.  It came to me during a very bad week and provided me a ray of sunshine in week filled with emotion, a lot of tears and more prayers.  A lot of changes are going on in my life, a lot of adjustments both financially and relationship-wise as I adjust to being the sole bread winner while the DH is looking for work and while he is home 24/7 changing up my routine. 

If you'd like to see more of the beautiful work this exchange has produced, click on Blackbirds Designs Exchange.  If you would like to join these talented stitchers for Round 6, drop Patti a note. Her contact information is on the the Blackbird Designs Exchange Blog.  You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's so nice to have you stick with me

I've not been interested in much lately.  I've stitched and I've done some painting but I am pushing myself to do it.  I do have a few pictures to share though:

A progress pic from Prairie Schooler's Book 165, Sweeping Cobwebs:

I am stitching this on 35 ct lambswool over 2 with one strand of thread and I intended to stitch the entire sampler but as I progressed, the stitches looked, well, thin.  So I stitched the witch on the broom with 2 strands of floss and decided to call it a day after I finished her.  I added the border all around and now I have a stitched cushion of ony the top part of the sampler.  Unfinished in it's final form.  (Story of my life.)  I'm also stitching the witch with the broom at the bottom right corner of the sampler.  80% complete with the stitching. Going to be another pincushion.

Next is an oldie.  I started this when I was a mere child (at least it feels that way!)  It's Ruth Ann Russell's Quaker Medallion Sampler found in an older issue of SANQ.  It's stitched on a mystery piece of Lakeside Linen with DMC.  I made a collossal color error (and I think that's why it went to the Land of the Misfit Toys) but I've decided that it's unique and it shouldn't be voted off the island.  I pulled it out when I saw Tempest Fugit's finished sampler

I haven't touched it in a few months.  (Another chapter in my life.)

Lastly, this is With Thy Needle and Thread's, Broom Hilda. I stitched this up the weekend that I got the pattern.  Cute, cute, cute.

As you can see, I'm going to make it into pincushion. With a beaded edge.  Someday.  Someday soon. (I hope.)  If you've been paying attention, you've realized that I am now obsessed with making pincushions. Witch pincushions.  I want a bowl full of them for Halloween.  Just like I wanted a bowl full of patriotic cushions for the 4th of July.  Yeah, they're stitched...

I got my BBD's Summer Basket back from ACMoore.  The lady who waited on me told me that when it came back there was a big piece of lint in the center of the picture so she had to take it apart and clean it off.  She didn't put it back together that well.  And there's no bumpers on the frame so it hangs weird.  Not going back.  And even with 60% off, the piece still cost over $75.00.  Heck, Bea didn't cost that much more that this piece and she's double the size of the BBD.  And Michael's framed it beautifully.

So, right now, this is all I've got.  I will try not to stay away so long.  I hoped to be better about blogging. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging with me.  I've got the give-away almost stitched and it's coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!  I love it that you've come by and visited me!