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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Good Snowy Tuesday!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are staying warm and snug this blustery Winter's Day! We have been fortunate up till now with snow but this storm marching across the US will hit us with a vengeance this afternoon and into tomorrow. We are supposed to get at least a foot of snow and then brutally cold temperatures.

I have been under the weather, over the weekend I contracted that nasty stomach bug that's flying around. Just suffice it to say that upchucking pizza in the middle of the night isn't one of the most pleasant experiences and one that I don't want to repeat for the rest of my life. I despise throwing up with all I'm worth so this episode was doubly icky. After that, it was ginger ale and crackers for the rest of the weekend. Food doesn't have the greatest appeal right now and do not even show me a picture of pizza. Blech.

Because I was sick on the weekend, I stayed home on Monday just to be sure that I wasn't going to spread my illness to unsuspecting co-workers (who, I am sure, are very grateful). Mainly, I was sore and weak and the sick day afforded me a chance for uninterupted stitching and movie watching. I stitched ALL DAY! Oh, it was heavenly! I worked on Her Sampler by CHS and I am happy to say I am 1/2 way done with it. I love, love, love the sampler and I am working on it feverishly because I want to get it framed right away! I have a 60% off framing coupon from Michaels that's good until mid-February. I'd love to frame Her Sampler and Lucy Minton this go round. Both are smallish samplers so I am hoping to get away with less than a fortune to frame them. Got to love the Michael's coupons. Usually, when I have Michaels frame anything for me, I take my piece in and order the frame and all the accompaning hardware, spacers, frame, glass etc. . I have the foam core cut to size for me and I take it home and stretch the piece myself. When the frame comes in, I take my stretched piece back to them for assembly. That way, I know it's done correctly. The store people look at me like I'm nuts and there's one gentleman in particular who thinks I am a royal pain but who cares? I get what I want and I am very happy with the results.

On the movie front, I downloaded RED.  OMGosh, I about split a gut!  It was very funny and I adored the entire cast.  And I watched Secretariat. We saw it in the theater when it first came out.  Each time I watch it, I get goosebumps.  I adore that movie!

I do have a dilemna though, I want to stitch Valentine's things too. But it will take time away from Her Sampler! Oh, what's a stitcher to do?! I've been very good about stitching WIPs and not starting anything new. I am proud of myself. So far, I've worked on Her Sampler, Alphabets and BOAF's, Friendship Sampler.

I feel a little guilty about not working exclusively on the Friendship Sampler becasue there's another stitcher anxiously awaiting the pattern. I am seriously considering frogging out the Charcoal thread because it is so thin and the coverage is sparse. Has anyone noticed that the quality of Weeks Dye Works thread has deteriorated? I have thread from a few years ago that's plump and doesn't tangle. With the newer thread I've purchased, I find that I  battle coverage and tangling constantly. My favorite overdyed thread is Cresent Colors and Gentle Arts Sampler Thread. I have a good supply of GAST and I do not need another collection of thread so I am resisting the temptation to purchase a lot of the Crescent Color floss. It is tempting, though!

And speaking of favorites, I have a new favorite linen.  You know that I love Lambswool linen.  It's got a very warm hue and I adore just about anything that I stitch on it.  But it is a light tone.  And I've been looking for a linen in a warm brown that is a bit darker.  I've found it!  Country Mocha Belfast!  It is warm and no matter what thread color I stitch on it, the fibers seem to glow on the fabric. It is a "full bodied" linen too that feels terrific in "hand". The only drawback is that I've only found it in 32 count.  But that's ok, 32 count fabric is very acceptable to me as a mid-range linen count.  Her Sampler is stitched on a Vintage piece of Country Mocha.  The shading is so subtle.  I am in love.  I bought a hugh piece of Country Mocha to stitch Blackbird Designs, Anniversaries of the Heart.  I just need to pull all the thread to see how they look on the linen.  I bet the fibers will look smashing.  (Not too worry, I won't be starting this anytime soon but I AM prepared!).

Anyway, stitchy pictures will have to wait until the sun is out and I am home. Usually, I am at work when the sun shines. The weekends have been drab and overcast. So pictures are lacking. Please just be patient and there will be a very picture heavy post in the near future (crossing my fingers!) And thanks for hanging in there with me, friends! I really thought I'd lose followers since I haven't posted in a while. That means a lot to me cause I cherish everyone who visits. :-) I hope to "see" you soon!


Melissa said...

Good Golly, Joanie, is it my imagination or do you sound hypered! I chuckled. It's like having the sick day has given you stitching fever! I get it. I have time tomorrow to do the same thing (work is slow at the moment)!

Hope you feel better soon, and that the snowstorm won't be "so" bad. Take care!

Joanie said...

Yea, I sound like I am on a caffiene high! LOL! I was just happy to have a day off just to STITCH!! WOO HOO!

Marjo said...

Doesn't making progress just make you feel better? Like marking something off a 'to do' list. All your pieces sound great, can't wait for update pictures.

Kathy said...

Wow it sure sounds like you have stitching fever rather than a stomach bug. :) And here's hoping you are snowed in and can stitch a few more days. At least get something done on those awful snowy days. LOL Unfortunately even though I was home today due to the ice storm it seems like I have spent most of the day on the computer rather than stitching. Either that or napping. :) Oh well.

Hope you feel better soon. And thank you so much for your comment on my blog. :) I will be sure to let you knwo when your package arrives. I am sure I will love it.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Wow you have been a busy stitcher! Glad you're feeling better. I didn't go to the Wichelt site to look but, Belfast is 32 ct and Cashel is 28 ct so you may be able to get that linen in Cashel if you prefer 28 ct. Good luck! Nancy

Lynn B said...

Hello Joanie,

You recently left a comment on my cross stitch finishing blog, however your email was set as no reply and therefore I could not respond to your question, if you can send me your email I will answer!

Kind regards

Lynn B

Siobhan said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about you being sick! Since I'm so behind on blogging, hopefully it's just a distant memory. :P I hate throwing up, too--so I feel your pain!

YGG on your stitching! Can't wait to see pics. I hear you on the 32 ct Vintage Country Mocha. That and Vintage Autumn Fields are my favorite 32 cts.