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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Newsy Post

Another post without pictures.  It's raining.  AGAIN.  It's rained almost daily for 2 weeks now.  I am water logged and vitamin D deficient because there's no sun.  I posted on facebook this morning that I was going to Lowes and buy materials to build an ark because that's how much rain we've gotten.  And you know, it's not even a warm Spring rain.  It's a cold, bone-chilling, windy rain.  The kind that gets into you and no matter what you do, you just can't get warm.  For goodness sake, last night my friend and I went out for dinner and when we left Panera we could see our breath!  People it's APRIL 23rd!  Umm-mm...a little warmth, please??

On the stitching front, I finished Alphabets!!!! YAY me!  It came out wonderfully! I'm so happy to cross another Wip off the list.  That makes 4 for the year.  A record.  Now, I'm working on ISNFB and This Is the Day.  I originally was going to stitch This Is the Day for our main bathroom because I painted it Lemon yellow and I thought the colors would look nice in there.  Well, the yellow just about burned the retinas out of your eyes so I toned it down to a Butter yellow.  Now TITD is going in my Tangerine room.

Oh, I'm giving Alphabets away now that I've stitched it.  If you want the pattern, just say so in this post's comment section.  If I have more than one person interested, I'll draw a name. 

Oh, and I've discovered I like Adam and Eve Samplers.  I never did before but seeing everyone's A&E samplers made me look a little closer at them.  And you know what?  I kinda like the guy and gal and that sneaky snake.  I came across a couple of nice patterns in my SANQ magazines so I put them aside to maybe sneak in one after I get another WIP done.  There's a really nice one that Ruth Ann Russell charted that I found in an issue of SANQ.  That's short listed now.  And have you seen the latest sampler from Brenda at With My Needle and Thread?  Oh, Ann Sandles-1846 is just beautiful! 

I love the border and I especially love that Adam and Eve are clothed!!

Yesterday, I cleaned the carpets in my Tangerine room in anticipation of putting back the furniture today but the carpets are still a little damp.  So instead, I continued to rip out patterns from my magazine collection.  I reduced 10 years worth of Antique Needlework & Sampler down to a 1" binder.  And I've been ruthlessly tearing up my JCS too.  It's actually liberating to do this!  I am feeling like I can breath again.  I never really thought of how suffocating my stuff was until I decided that I needed to actually use that room instead of making it another place to store stuff.  I think I'm going to be able to ditch one of the pantry units I had in that room.  I've got plans to buy 2 bookselves and ditch a couple of drawer units too.  Then I hope to put an upolstered chair in there so I can actually be comfy to stitch in there when the DH decides to watch another hour of Fox News or the Military channel. 

So,  I guess until the sun comes from behind the clouds, you all are just going to have to be patient with me for pictures. 

I want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter and Passover too.  I hope tomorrow, the buns brings you a ton of chocolate and jelly beans.  Or a ham.  LOL.

Thanks for coming by, I really enjoy your company!


Nancy said...

Sorry you are having all that rain, especially cold rain. Nothing I hate worse than a cold rain. Hope it stops soon so we can see your finish!

It's so cool that you condensed 10 years of Ant. Sampler down to one binder. I have an entire 4 drawer file cabinet filled to overflowing with cross-stitch magazines. Can't fit anymore in there, but I can't bring myself to canibalize them.
=:0 It would be nice to have a nice comfy chair in my craft room though!

Anyway, looking forward to pictures of your finish. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am sick of the cold, rainy weather, too. We did have a really beautiful today though. Finally!!!
Cleaning house is so liberating! Good for you.
Happy Easter.

pj said...

Happy Easter, congrats on the finish. I would love to stitch this if no one else is interested in the pattern, thanks for the offer. Love red too.

pj from iowa

Deb said...

Newsy posts are good!! We've had cold and nasty weather for so long, but it finally cleared up and warmed up today!!

I know just how you feel about getting rid of the magazines. I did that a few years ago and it felt so good. Now there are just a few binders instead of stacks of magazines.

And I'm with you on the sampler. I can't take my eyes off it I love it so much. And you definitely need to do an A&E sampler. Happy Easter!

marly said...

Sounds like your tangerine room is coming along. With the rain we're all having, indoor projects are about all we can do! I'm with you on only saving the pages you want. I take them out right away and recycle the rest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having such nasty weather. We're having the opposite - July-type temps in April! Nice but a little too warm really.

Good for you on the decluttering, it really does make a difference when you start clearing out stuff you don't need. I've been doing loads of decluttering this year and the house looks much better for it. Happy Easter!

Melody said...

Hope the rain leaves soon too. At least the sun is shining here this morning.

I'd love to be in your drawing for the alphabets chart.

Good to clean out stuff. I need to do a clean up here of stitching things.

Happy Easter!

Kim said...

I would love to stitch this - I was thinking some shade of green! Love it!!

woolwoman said...

Hi Joanie - I hope you had a wonderful easter and had some sun maybe? Love that new sampler you pictured - the colors are so wonderful. hope you have a great week and no more RAIN ! Mel

Maggee said...

I would sure like to be entered in your drawing for the Alphabets chart. I rarely stitch a chart twice, especially bigger ones, so have started giving them away on my blog too! Hugs.

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Hi Joanie, glad to finally find your blog, gonna love following here:)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Oh, you are brave! But then I've only just begun to collect that S&AN magazine. I also love Ann Sandles-1846. My LNS doesn't have it in yet.
I've also been attracted to A&E recently. Are you familiar with Siobhan @ Blue Hen Hollow? Talk about an enabler?! She has stitched some beautiful A&E pieces.