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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Apologies all around

I'm sorry that I haven't posted more recently and I apologize to my give-away winners because I haven't mailed your goodies yet.  There was a bit of sadness here in the last 2 weeks and I've been working long hours.  I'm a bit behind, exhausted and wondering when we are going to turn the bend to happier, less stressed times.  It will be well.  Eventually.

I will be back with pictures shortly.  My stitching has been a life preserver (again!) and I've made progress on my Alphabet sampler and I've started The Goode Huswife's, In The Bee Man's Garden and I Sigh Not For Beauty by Fran Russell of C Street Samplings. 

In the Bee Man's Garden
The Goode Huswife

I Sigh Not For Beauty
C Street Samplings

I know, I know, I told myself NO NEW STARTS but I want a summer piece (the Bee Man) and I fell hard for I Sigh Not For Beauty.  There is a SAL for that sampler on Ellen Chester's, With My Needle and Pen group and it's not a lot of stitching during the month (even though I am a little behind) so I thought I'd be part of it.  I stitched my beloved John Foster with that group too.  It's manageable.

Oh! And as a treat to myself (and because I had an awesome 70% off coupon for framing at Michaels) I took Her Sampler and Lucy Minton to be framed.  I am a little apprehensive though, with this framing job this time around.  The lady who waited on me sorta scared me when she hacked off about 3 inches of excess linen on Her Sampler with a very dull scissors.  She asked if she could and I thought, "Well, yeah, go ahead, there's a lot of excess fabric to stuff under that frame" never thinking that she would cut the fabric so unevenly.  She saw the look of horror on my face and calmly stated that "no one would see it anyway".  Yikes!  I hope that she stretches the pieces straight...usually I do that honor just to be sure but I decided to let them do it before she took the scissors to the sampler.  Crossing my fingers..that the framing will be OK.

So stay tuned, I'll be adding pictures in my next post.  I am glad for all of you who stop by and HI to my new followers!


Deb said...

I hope that things will be better for you Joanie! I know that stitching can keep us sane when things happen.

I think I would have died in horror is someone lopped off fabric from one of my samplers with dull scissors. Yes, no one will see it, but still. Obviously the woman has no appreciation for these things. But thank goodness that no one will see it.

Like your two new starts! There is nothing better than a new start! I was going to start I Sigh Not for Beauty when I saw that posted but my Susanna Lane is so similar I didn't think that I could work on two almost identical. Can't wait to see your start!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Better get your piece and run...if she is that sloppy in the beginning then why would she be different in the end.....Hope it works out. Dianntha

The Queen's Stitch said...

I'm sorry for your recent sadness and hope things are better soon! Please let us know how your framing job turns out. I had that same coupon and it turned out to not be worth it. I'm meeting with the store manager this week because they did such a horrible job on my Frances Burwell. When I picked it up, you could see it was literally sagging, there are "pockets" or pouches of air where it isn't pinned tightly and the entire thing is extremely crooked. I am very disappointed and am going to ask them to take it apart and I'll reframe it myself!

Blu said...

Hope thing will be better soon Joanie!

I would be horrified is someone lopped off bits with a dull scissors! Crossing my fingers that the final product looks great!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that you are feeling better now Joanie. I love the look of your new starts, looking forward to seeing updates and the framing job.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Joanie, Just wondering if you mailed the give away? I didnt receive anything..wondering if it is lost in the worries...just wondering. dianntha