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Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day

This weekend, we remember everyone who's served or is serving in our Military.  As a proud Mom of a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every serviceman or servicewoman who answered the call to defend and protect us and our country by putting their lives on the line daily and for the sacrifices they've made to honor their commitment to the United States.  And for their families too.

These folks are the true heroes of our country.

I am proud to say that many men in my family have served.  I am honored by them and I thank them.

In June, Mike will deploy to Afghanistan.  He will be there for 5 months.  Although he tells me where he's going is safe, well, it's AFGHANISTAN.  And in my mind, nowhere in Afghanistan is safe.  As his Mom, I will worry and each day that he's there, I will put him and the men and women serving along side of him in God's hands for safety and protection. 

Please join me if you would, to pray for them and for all who are serving in the military.

Blogger is being a pain again and won't let me upload pictures from my hard drive.  So you will have to wait to see what's been cookin' on my needle.

Wishing all of you in the USA a wonderful holiday weekend. 



Von said...

I'll definitely be keeping Mike in my prayers as he deploys to Afghanistan. Several friends here at home have had sons in Iraq and Afghanistan return safely home, but you could see the worry in their eyes. Having prayer back-up helped them tremendously. :) God bless you all as Mike serves our country overseas.

marly said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, to you for raising an honorable man, and to your family members who have served.

Joy said...

These times are difficult for service families, no matter where they are. Your son and all your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

A huge Thank You for your son and his service!