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Monday, July 11, 2011

Alphabets and Summer Baskets

Hi kids,

Today, I took some pictures (click, they get BIG) of my finished and framed Alphabets and Blackbird Designs Summer Basket.  Finally, they came out nice.  I'm pleased with the framing and I am tickled pink with the frame. I'll let the pics do the talkin'.

Merrily A. Beams
AVAS 946
32 ct Belfast - Cream

Don't you just love the red birds?

I don't think I ever showed you Summer Basket framed.  I got this framed at AC MOORE and never again will I go back there even if the framing is free.  It was mounted crooked and their were lint balls under the glass.  A disappointing job.  I like the frame though.

I loved the colors in this sampler.  So soft and faded. 

 Summer Basket
Blackbird Designs
GAST & WDW thread
30ct Weeks Dye Works linen - Baby's Breath

I dedicated this sampler to my Mom.  These are her initials.  She would have liked this sampler.  Especially the bands of sampler motifs.

 And the frame.

Well, that concludes today's artsy pics.  LOL!  I've got to run. I am the laundress today and I have clothes to hang out on the line and I want to take my walk before hell's temps return.  It's supposed to be 90 degrees here today.  Stay cool and hydrated!  Wear sunscreen and a hat if you are working in your gardens. Enjoy this day because it's what you're supposed to do. (This concludes our public service / safety announcement for today.)

Oh, I lost a follower...I hope it wasn't something I said or didn't say. Sorry that my world wasn't someplace you wanted to be... :(

Happy Monday, my friends. Thanks for coming by!

Till next time...


Teresa said...

Your framed pieces are lovely.
Thanks for the service announcement.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Giovanna said...

Beautiful pieces, congrats!

Deborah said...

Both pieces aew beautiful. Love the dedication to your mom.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Beautiful pieces with beautiful frames.

connie said...

your framed pieces are beautiful.

BrendaS said...

Beautiful framing and finishes:))

geeky Heather said...

Congratulations! Those moldings are beautiful. They perfectly offset your lovely stitching. =)

marly said...

I agree! These frames have really nice details. Sorry you weren't happy with the framer's work. Depending on my hormones at the time, I would either cry or grab 'em by the throat. Usually, it's somewhere in between, thank God!!

Margaret said...

I love your framed pieces! Just beautiful! What a bummer though that AC Moore did such a poor job. I once had some pieces framed and they basically glued the pieces down and cut off the edges. Shudder. It's awful!

valerie said...

Great framing! I really love your Alphabets! I have this chart in my stitching basket just waiting for the perfect time for me to kit it up!

Carol said...

Each and every one is gorgeous, Joanie! I especially love the first one with those darling red birds :)

woolwoman said...

Hi Joanie - I'm just catching up with blog reading - it was very interesting reading how much trouble and hard work it is to do that baling of the hay - WHEW - makes me tired just reading it and in the heat too no less. Well I loved your framed pieces - sorry you were disappointed in the summer basket - I thought it was so demure and lovely and I loved the WIP photo - it really is not that obvious that the framing is not to your satisfaction - the red bird one is gorgeous too. Hope you have a great week! Melody

diamondc said...

Joanie: Your finishes are lovely.
I love the soft and suttle colors on the Summer Basket.
What a beautiful tribute to your Mother.
Please Thank your Son for his Service to Our Country.
God Bless America


Shelleen said...

Your framed pieces look great!

carolm said...

Ditto; I took some framing there in VA and the same...$ out of had tobe taken back and one had to be done 4 times before I Therprice even when there is a 60%off is not much less than the stitchery store....

Siobhan said...

Your framed pieces are GORGEOUS!! Sorry to hear about your experience at Joanns. :P

Katrina said...

They are both gorgeous!!! Love how you dedicated the sampler to your mom by adding her initials.

Vonna said...

Oh JOanie...they are gorgeous!!! GORGEOUS!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What beautiful framed pieces. Personally I would of taken the poorly framed one back and had them fix it!!!

Teresa said...

Hi, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. You can visit my blog for instructions.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Karoline said...

Your framed pieces are both lovely.

Solstitches said...

Just discovered your blog via Marly's blog. I'm your newest follower so no need to worry about the one that got away LOL.
Your Summer Basket is gorgeous.
Your stitching is beautiful and what a lovely frame you chose for it.