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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some pictures

I've been stitching in between haying.  I HATE putting in hay especially now that the temperature is one degree below hell's temps.  The bales are really heavy this year...upwards of 50-75 pounds and I struggle with putting them on the elevator.  Yesterday, one bale came crashing down off the elevator and hit the elevator motor knocking it out.  The DH was PO'd because we had to unload 75 bales into the barn and now we will have to handle them again to put them in the loft.  Today, he put in 150 by himself.  Officially, we are 1/2 way done with our 500 bales.  He will get more this evening. So hopefully we will have almost all of it done before the weather gets rainy.  Oh, he did fix the motor on the elevator.

So here's what I've been up to as documented by craptastic photos.

Progress has been made on Done By Me.  I am obsessing over restitching the really light color in the basket and in the flower urn.  It fades into the fabric.  But I can't find a shade or color that suits me.  (Sorry for the wrinkles, I pressed them but as you can see not well.  Pics should be clickable.)

In the Bee Man's Garden.  I am really looking forward to stitching the hive in satin stitch.  But I will do it last because I don't want the hive to get crushed by my hoop.  It's incentive to hurry up and finish!

 Actually, Ella has the right idea on this hot afternoon...maybe a nap is in order?

I got Alphabets back from the framer at Michaels...oh, it's gorgeous. You'll get to see that in the next post.  The pics I took are all fuzzy.  Grr-rrr.  I also stitched August from A Prairie Year.  Cute beehive. And I actually finished all of my Fourth of July things this year.  They are in the previous post. 

I really got to take my time with this photo thing.  You guys who set up beautiful shots just make me want to hang my head in shame.  Mainly, I'm in such a hurry to post that I don't take my time to do anything artsy with my pics.  Should I slow down, maybe?

Anyway, stay cool, I'm going to put a few stitches into Bee Man while I wait for the DH to come home from getting tires on the truck. Come by may be surprised at my creative photos next time!


marly said...

That's a lot of hard work! Hope it goes a little easier and the weather cooperates. I agree with you on Done by Me. How about a pale gold? LOVE the little bees in the Bee Man. And as for Ella, she is obviously not modest!!

Deb said...

That's sounds like such hard work baling hay! And especially in this weather. Definitely like hell.

Love your progress on your two pieces, and can't wait to see your pictures. I have a hard time with mine two. It usually takes a couple times before they're not blurry, or cockeyed!

Melissa said...

Well, you are one strong woman to be doing all that haying, and in the heat! I shouldn't moan about my little bit of gardening work.

Both your stitchy pieces are looking great. I can see what you mean by the pale colour in the urn and flowers. I hope you will find something better. Marly's suggestion of the pale gold might just work really well. That's a cute design, btw!

Karen said...

Oh...I feel for you having to work in this heat! I love your Bee Man... this one is a favorite. I need to get this one done!

happy stitching...

Joy said...

Oh, I remember the days of hauling hay! Not an easy job.

Your stitching is lovely and the light color seems to show well enough.

Your pictures are fine just the way they are, but I'll be back to see how "creative" you become:)

diamondc said...

Joanie I think your pictures are great love your works in progress,
wow 500 bales you are on the downhill side of finihing, are you sure Ella did not have to many hotdogs on the fourth she looks so full I love that picture she is just adorable.

Vonna said...

I know each year you hate putting up the bales, I've never done it but I have detasselled my fair share of corn in this time of year and I know it SUCKS so I'm sure that hauling bale after bale of hay must SUCK too ;) Hang in there!

LOVE LOVE your WIPS...the Beeman hangs on my wall and it is one of my absolute favorites :)
Hugs Joanie!

Giovanna said...

Great stitching, Joanie - these are lovely samplers!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Are they heavier because they've had more rain, or is the size different? I say stay inside and nap with Ella today! Basket/Urn color - Is it the part that hasn't been stitched? I was saying, I can see them - same as the border, then realized there were open spaces, too. I know what you mean about the photos - mine Never look as good as some, but I do like them better when I take a bit more time to have a sort of vignette.

krayolakris said...

Beeman is one of my favorite designs...looking forward to your finished sampler. Love the cat pix!

Siobhan said...

I'm laughing at Ella--she certainly does know how to make herself comfortable! LOL

Great progress on your samplers! They're both wonderful.