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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Review

Here are my pieces from this year!  I was very pleased to finish so much!  I didn't realize it until I put them all together.
The first is the Bee Man's Garden.  Don't you love the hive?

And Alphabets has to be my favorite finish to date.  I LOVE this piece, red, red, RED!!! I love red samplers!

The next piece is Needles and Pins Pinkeep from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I made this into a lovely Pinkeep on an oil can base for Melody (Woolwoman).  I really want to make one for me.

In Disguise from Cross Eyed Cricket.  I've had this pattern for-ever and while I was unemployed I finally decided to pull it out and stitch it.

Another Halloween piece done during my hiatus.  Lizzie*Kate's Halloween. 

Her Sampler by Carriagehouse Samplings. 

Noel...someday to be made into a pillow.  When I get up the courage. LOL.

All is Calm.  I want to make it into one of those nifty pillows. 

My adaptation of A Cardinal Winter

Lucy Minton from The City Stitcher

An Autumn Splendor

A prolific year, indeed!


Tracey said...

You've sure accomplished a lot in 2011! Here's to even more stitching in 2012!! :^)

Melissa said...

Fabulous stitching, Joanie! Looking forward to seeing more lovelies next year...or tomorrow!

valerie said...

Lovely stitching this year Joanie. Happy New Year!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Your needle is truly enchanted Joanie! And truth be told, I particularly fancy the beehive!

Peaceful stitching to you...

Most warmly,

connie said...

well done Joanie..You have stitched some lovely pieces

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

what a lovely blog. I have become your newest follower. haqppy new year
x catherine

marly said...

Great pieces and a nice showing for the year. Good work girl!

Vonna said...

WOW! What pretty finish you had all year long :)
Bring on 2012, right?!

Karoline said...

You had some great finishes in 2011. I hope you have a good 2012

Susan said...

You had a great year - I love that Cricket Collection one - I've never seen that before.

Andrea said...

What wonderful finishes! Love all of them! Great accomplishments for the year. I never seem to manage an end of the year round up of my stitching...maybe this year!