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Monday, April 09, 2012


Hello, all! 

First of all before I get into this post, I want to thank all of my followers for hanging with me!  I see I have new folks following this here blog, so I heartly welcome to you!  I'm glad your here!  And to my old friends,  pull up a seat and visit.  I love that you all are here!

I have pictures of a swap that I participated in on the Samplermakers forum.  Here is the pile o'goodies from Lynn!  I am tickled pink by her generosity and thoughtfulness!  She thought of everything that I like and I just love it all.

Lynn sent me a variety of thread, some very nice vintage-y fabric, buttons, trims, coffee, chocolate (that I ate promptly!) a needleminder, note pad, scissor fob, evenweave and a pattern that I don't have in my stash (Really? Is that possible?  HAHA!)

I have to say, if you don't belong to Samplermakers, run over there right now and sign up.  Hurry, hurry! You don't know what you are missing, the ladies are wonderful, the discussions are great, there's wonderfuls swaps and stitcher's challenges.  Lori from Notforgotten Farm does a wonderful job with the forum too!  So go now, shoo, shoo.  I'll be here when you get back.

Well, on to other things.  I was in slump.  I didn't stitch for a few weeks.  I just needed a little break.  I am back and  I am happy to say that the lovely little Merrily Beams piece is "this close" to being finished.  I can't wait to put the last stitch in her and I can't wait to show you the big finish!  I will have it done in time for my birthday in June so I can honestly say I met a commitment!  GO ME! 

I think part of my slump had to do with my self imposed, THOU SHALT  ONLY STITCH ON WIPS THIS YEAR rule.  Usually, I have a finish or 2 by now but not this year.  Stitching became drudgery.  I'd fondle my stash, visit (LURK) you all and drool over all the fun finishes you post. Then I'd come back to my stitching and let out a big sigh...oh woe, is me..EVERYONE is having fun stitching new things, all I have is this WIP to stitch....BIG SIGH. So I parked the needle, pulled out the Kindle and read 2 books in 2 weeks.  I read, "To Be Sung Underwater" (which I highly recommend) and The Hunger Games (which I blew through!).  And now, the siren needle has called my name and I picked up Oliver and Lisa this weekend and finished up the grassy area beneath them.  All's left now is the bottom border and the personalization.  And then, I think I'm going to work on True Virtue until it's done.  (Hear me, Connie?  TRUE VIRTUE). 
Come June, I will be adding an ornament to the stitching, I promised my soldier some handstitched ornaments for his and the lovely Jenna's Christmas tree. 
By this point, it should be almost Fall and I think I will finish up the Prairie Schooler piece that only has the snow beneath the houses to be stitched.  And then, I will work on I Sigh Not For Beauty.  and stitch some Fall things, cause Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Sound's like a plan, doesn't it?  Let's see if  I can stick to it.

I also have been kitting up samplers.  I've got Mary Gibson, Christmas Garden and 2 more waiting until I lift my moratorium on new starts.  And, I've been buying stash too.  Big surprise..NOT.
Anyway,  I am going to go for now.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me! 
Come back around soon!

Many Blessings,



Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You got some wonderful goodies! Your time in the stitching slump sounds like it was wel spent with a couple of good books! Glad to hear you have a plan and look forward to your updates!

Deb said...

Darn it - my first comment got lost so I have to type it over again. I'm glad to see you back posting. I've been wondering what you've been up to. And I know what you mean about everyone having fun stitching new things and you sticking with the old. I've been going through the same thing, but I want NEW! LOL I know that I'll break down at some point!!

Patty C. said...

Wonderful swap - Congrats ;)

marly said...

Sounds like a plan! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that chows down chocolate as soon as she gets it!

Amy said...

Great swap! I also make quick work of any chocolate that comes my way. LOL

I am in a stitching slump myself right now. I can't understand why. My wonderful Rooster bought me four or five great new patterns. But I guess reading, gardening, and other stuff is taking my time right now.

Take care and have a wonderful night.

Jeanne said...

Always good to see a post from you Joanie. Yes those WIPs have a way of dragging us down and making us feel guilty. Sometimes you gotta just have some fun and start something new! That's what I like about stitching ornaments because they don't usually fall into the Valley of WIPs. Great pile of stash there from your exchange...I'm off to check out Samplermakers now...........

connie said...

Great swap Joanie..I haven't touched True Virtue since my update.I have been busy with friends and being outside.

P.J. said...

Nice swap stash. In the stitching duldrums myself. I am hoping when the sun finally comes out I will get back on the needle. Can't wait to see your progress pics. Keep on stitching.

Chris said...

Glad to hear that the slump is over! It sounds like you have some great projects.
What a wonderful swap. Isn't it great to receive a package like that?

pj said...

Joanie, Great to see you posting and stitching again. We all go thru the slump and it does do us good to take a break. I am waiting to see your finishes soon! Spring is such a beautiful time of year to get a "plan together" for goals. pam in iowa

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

It's so hard to stick to WIPs or stash stitching when everyone is "having fun". I've been trying to do that, too. Although I have thrown in an ornament here and there. That helps me keep going! : )


Giovanna said...

Lovely swap! And good for you for climbing out of the slump.

woolwoman said...

Hi Joanie - I tend to agree with Jeanne - I think you deserve a new project - or if you are sticking steadfast to your commitments then at least a new ornament will be fun for you. Glad to see you here and what a haul you got - that is really a neat gift. take care Mel

diamondc said...

Joanie: We have missed you and are so happy you are still stitching, we all get into a slump every now and then.
Glad you are back.

emmanoelle said...

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