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Sunday, March 03, 2013

A finish times 2! :)

Hey everyone!  I hope you all have been good and are having fun.  I am most definitely ready for Winter to go away.  It hasn't been bad snow-wise but it sure has been cold.  And I most definitely hate cold.  Especially days on end where it didn't rise above the mid-20's during the day and stayed in the single digits at night. 

It's been an interested couple of months.  In January, we lost our hot water heater (well, not exactly) and along with it we replaced our furnace with a new propane furnace.  We heated our home with fuel oil and the price of oil was over $4.00 a gallon.  Each fill up was just under a thousand dollars.  It was getting pretty expensive to keep it up on one salary. To make a long story short, we called the hot water heater guy out who informed us that it wasn't the heater at all but we ran out of oil.  He recommended that we replace the heater anyway because it was ancient and half filled with sediment.  So we called out the furnace guy who gave us a pretty good deal on replacing both.  Hot water rocks!  And we should cut our heating costs a little bit because propane is 25% cheaper than fuel oil.  We shall see.

I found out that I have a toxic nodule on my thyroid which besides sucking out all the iodine my body produces, it sucks the life out of me.  So later this month, I will take a dose of radioactive iodine and hopefully (crossing my fingers) it will kill the toxic nodule and won't harm my thyroid.  I just want to feel better.  I have zero energy, am completely irritable and I find that I am just not myself because of it.  Say a prayer that this works. 

The boy child has deployed for 6 months and Jenna and little Alena are in Japan.  It was very hard for him to leave them.

Alena is 3 months old already.

On the stitching front, I have been busy! I want to show you that I can finish things, so here's what I've done this last month.

I broke out the sewing machine and got my creative on!  The pillow came out a little longer than I hoped (I am math challenged, so the David tells me) but it looks cute as a bolster on the bed.  This is a With Thy Needle and Thread pattern,
 And With Thy Needle and Thread's February Wordplay which doesn't Blogger doesn seem to want to right itself.  Sorry.
I also finished December's Wordplay and started on April's version.  I also worked on Baby It's Cold Outside but didn't take a snap because it's really wrinkly.  And I stitched 2 LHN Christmas Ornaments, the Saltbox house and Snow Cold. 
So that's what's going on in Joanie's World.  I want to say hey to my new followers and a thank you to all of you who visit.

Stay tuned for a March know there's a pot of gold at the end of the stitchy rainbow...just sayin'.


Deb said...

So good to see a post from you Joanie. It sounds like you've been busy with all your stitching and with the hot water issues. UGH, what a thing to have happen in January, but hopefully your bills will be a lot lighter

Good luck on the issues with your thyroid! My girlfriend had to go through the same thing. It sounds like you've been feeling the same way that she has, but she's feeling better now, so fingers crossed you will too!! Saying prayers!

Giovanna said...

Good to see you post! The finishes are very pretty, congrats. What an adorable grandbaby... All the best for the thyroid issue, I hope all goes well and that you'll be better very soon.

Katrina said...

Hope the treatment works on your thyroid!!!!! Sweet picture of your son and granddaughter :-).

Pretty stitchy projects too!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Joanie, nice to see your post!

I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Hopefully the treatment will do the trick. I will keep you in my prayers.

You've been busy with stitching and finishes - lovely! Alena is so adorable. She looks very alert and interested!

marly said...

Hope all goes perfectly and you start feeling well soon. Your finishing is splendid but the precious little one stole the limelight!

connie said...

Hi Joanie..Alena is such a pretty baby..

I am praying for your treatment to work and I believe it will..

Your stitching and finishing are lovely..

I enjoy reading your posts..

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely finishes Joanie! Alena is such a darling sweet pea. **sigh**
An uncooperative thyroid can be quite vexing...I hope that you are feeling well very soon.
Wishing you warm, restful, and cozy days.
Be well...

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Hope that everything goes well with the RI procedure. My Mom had thyroid cancer about 14 years ago and she went trough that...but of course they wanted to kill her thyroid...Prayers for you to have all go well!
Alena...what a dolly! :)
And what gorgeous finishes !!! I knew all along that you are a fab, fantastic finisher!

Kate said...

Lovely finishes.
Hope your health gets better. My brother had to have his thyroid removed several years ago.

Karoline said...

Lovely to hear from you Joanie

I hope your health issues are sorted soon. That is a very cute photo of your DS & Alena

Beautiful finishes, congratulations

dixiesamplar said...

Lovely finishes, and such a cute and sweet grandbaby!