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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thanks to all of you

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the lovely comments that you have left for me. I appreciate them all and I am very blessed to *know* all of you.

I am doing ok. Right now, there is a very happy couple moving into my Dad's house. I am very pleased about it. It's a great thing! Even though I know that it's no longer *my* house, I am glad someone will be making it *theirs*. It's exciting! I think the house will be happy. For the 9 years that my Dad occupied it alone (after Mom died), it was a very quiet place. And now there will be happy times in it and this couple is thrilled to own it.

My realtor told me that the buyers bought their *dream house*. Here is a picture of it...the buyers painted it baby blue, originally it was white:

I think that's funny, because the house is not a mansion, it's a craftsman style home. I remember those feelings. They were wonderful, full of the future and potential. This couple told the realtor that they feel that they can now really begin their life.

Today, I am covered in spring green paint, I am painting my bathroom. Talk about new beginnings. My DH doesn't like the color but too bad. It's a happy color and I really like it. Stitching will commence tomorrow between cramming my audit prep that begins Monday. I am going to begin *A Quaker Spool Holder*. Tonight, we are going to see The Sentinel. David and I have decided to reinstitute our weekly *date*. Aren't we just too funny!

SO...back to painting. Happy Saturday!!!


KarenV said...

Joanie, I think it's wonderful that the couple who bought your Dad's house are so happy with it and can start creating the same sort of memories that you have :)

I think a spot of decoration is a good thing - as you said, a new beginning and a move forward into the future for you and your family. Lots of {{{hugs}}} for you :)

Myrna said...


Your Dad's house looks a lot like mine! And ours is a light blue also. We have been very happy here for the last 18 years...

I need to do some touching up to a few rooms here, too. The kitchen could use a new coat of paint, and I would like to paint the upstairs bath white.

Have fun on your 'date', and enjoy your new stitching project!

Hugs and stitches...

Danielle said...

Hi Joanie--looking forward to seeing your work on the spool holder. I am already frogging. I started too far over--I gave it 2", and that would have run it off the right edge. Ugh. So I am starting again. At least I hadn't gotten too far!