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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wow, the week is finally over!

What a week! Our audit was this week and it was a killer. These assessments are nerve-wracking enough without the addition of an assessor who had his own *opinions* and interpretations of the standard that we comply with. All went well until the very last day, the very last item to audit. We ended up with a minor nonconformance and a ton of opportunities for improvement. The number of OFI's indicates to me that there are stresses in our quality system that need to be addressed....oh well, that will be next weeks battle.

SO, 3 major things are accomplished in my life now. We got through a brutal assessment with one of our Customers, my Dad's house is in the hands of a very happy couple (yeah!) and our reassessment audit is done. Whew! Now maybe I can relax a little and get back to my regularly scheduled life!

Because of all these things on my plate, I haven't stitched much at all. Last night, I picked up Prairie Year long enough to finish May's border. And I picked up Sarah Tatum but only put in a couple of strands of silk. On my Quaker RR, I started to stitch another motif in the border and realized that that motif was already stitched. So I ripped it out. Not a good start for me since I haven't stitched much at all in April or now May.

Today in Binghamton, the weather is damp and grey. A great day to stitch but my house still looks like a cyclone hit it so I spent most of the morning going through the stack of stuff next to my bed and sorting paperwork. I need to go buy a file cabinet. I really don't want to go anywhere today so maybe I will just put everything in folders and buy the filing cabinet early next week. DH has given the go ahead to re-carpet the 3rd bedroom but I want to wait until the contractor boy's put in the new window before I try to paint and carpet. We want to make the bedroom an office/study for him. That way, all his books and papers will be off the floor and properly stored. And we can actually file away important things and be able to find them when we need them. Gee, what a concept! Duh~Organization 101!!!!

On the Shaker Spool Holder, I only got as far as stitching a center line in both directions and mounting it on scroll rods. I am not sure about how to handle the silks, it annoys me that I will have to cut away the colors I am not planning to stitch with. What a waste of silk. But hopefully, since most of the stitching is over one it won't seem like I am wasting as much. I hope to put my first couple of stitches in on Sunday. Tonight, I plan on working on something else, maybe John Foster, who has been whining at me...I am playing hard to get ever since we had our initial disagreement. Or something else that is quietly sobbing in my basket. Who knows, whatever grabs my attention will be the one that I work on.

I hope to be able to post some pictures of something soon!

Have a happy Saturday everyone!


Nicki said...

Gosh, it has been a week! {{{hugs}}}

I felt like that on my Shaker Spool Holder, so I decided in the end not to have matching flowers. I'm pleased so far. Only a few will match because I can match up the ends of the thread. There's a piccie on my blog from last week if you want an idea of how it'll look :)

KarenV said...

Glad you got through the audit Joanie - at least it's one more weight off your mind! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Cindy said...

Sounds like you had a rough week! Hopefully things are back to normal now.

I'm not working on the Shaker Spool Holder, but have another project that uses two different symbols for one overdyed for the light part and one for the dark part. I found it very frustrating! I wouldn't want to cut colors out of silk, either!

Cathy said...

Hi Joanie - just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope this week goes better for you.