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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What do you find most challenging about stitching?

Since I am not making significant stitching progress, I thought I would post a question that Cathy posted on the Legacy BB. So, dear reader, what DO you find most challenging regarding our passion for needle and thread?

For me, the biggest challenge is time. I am finding that I have less time to stitch and when I do I am SO tired that I don't really want to pick anything up. Now that the weather is getting better and the days are longer, I am outside more and playing in my yard. My stitching time usually decreasing this time of year and it picks back up again in the Fall.

Also, there are some techniques I find truly challenging, hardanger is one, as well as, some cutwork. I've tried hardanger and I really like it but I have to take a deep breath before I cut my fabric. Does anyone have scissor anxiety, like me?

Then there is the sheer cost of supplies and finishing. I've found myself thinking twice about beginning a project because the silks, fabric and linen were quite expensive and then there is framing costs. I never really cared about how much things actually cost until recently. Plus, I have found myself actually passing up patterns that I love cause I would have to be a cat (with 9 lives) to stitch everything found in my stash. Is this a sign of maturity?

Lastly is finishing. I am truly finishing phobic. I can sew reasonably, I can follow a pattern. But the thought of making an error cutting up a project or messing up the finishing after putting in hours, months and sometimes YEARS of stitching, makes my blood run cold. Also, since I am a visual person, I like a lot of pictures, clear pictures of how things are assembled. Some finishing instructions are very vague or are incomplete in some way.

So, gang, what about you?

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Leah said...

I'm very impatient for things to be done, like, yesterday. ;)I seem to lose enthusiasm with projects too quickly, and it's a major challenge for me dig deep for the motivation to actually complete a project.