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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Temptation Eyes

Remember that song from WAY back? Well, I am and continue to be sorely tempted by all the new designs out there. And I came across this one from Exemplars From the Heart.

I promised myself that I would put myself on a stash diet, as I could open my own shop with all of the stuff I own. But that sampler is just a must have for me. Vicki Clayton has a conversion for it and I LOVE using her silks.

I am toast.

I have to confess that I made a visit to Stitchery Row last night. Mind you, I only went there for one skein of linen thread because I misplaced the skein for the Merry Cox piece. I ended up buying the fibers and the linen for the new sampler in the Summer edition of Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine. It's an absolutely beautiful 4-part sampler called "The Old Aviary Sampler". The fabric is 40" x 17" on 40 ct. ivory linen. But I bought the linen in 32ct because working on 40ct makes me a little bit edgey. The fibers are AVAS and Glorianna silks in the softest peaches and creams. I must be nuts.

And there's the Merry Cox purchase from the Bay of Evil. I paid way too much for it. The pattern is Merry's Accessories. It's a collection of smalls. Looks like a quick stitch. I told myself that I bought it for the finishing instructions..yeah, right!!!

Then there is one other thing that I am wanting:

Her name is Blue. She looks a lot like my Aussie, Fraggles. I've been watching this site for awhile and last night I emailed her owner to see if she was still available. She is. The only drawback is that she is in Virginia about 10 hours away according to map quest. I am in New York. My husband isn't too keen on driving to Virginia on a dog run. I don't know what the rules are to adopt her butI am hoping that we could work something out because this is a private adoption and her owner just posted through the rescue site. Maybe I could meet her 1/2 way or we could have her shipped. I've had horses transported across the country but never a dog. Her owner says that she is sweet, moderately active but chases cats which will be a little bit of a problem. But she is a house dog and likes other dogs too so maybe the pecking order in my house wouldn't be disrupted too much.

Her owner emailed me back and posted a bunch of photos of her. This dog is speaking to me. She has a companion Aussie too, his name is Cisco but I couldn't bring both of them back. Especially since we are hip deep in remodeling.

Say a prayer for me and this dog. I really really like her and I would love to adopt her.


Karoline said...

Oooh nice sampler, I really didn't need you to show me that LOL

Hope you manage to sort the adoption smoothly

Nicki said...

I hope you manage to get the dog :) What a lovely face.

Nancy K. said...

Hi Joanie:

What a cutie - I hope everything works out for you and this dog!

I'm with you - that new EFTH Quaker is definitely speaking to me, and I thank you as your link showed a much better picture than I had been able to view previously! I also want to add Love the Truth from EFTH to my collection, too!

Take care, Nancy

Christine said...

Joanie, i love this "true wisdom" sampler. May i ask you where i could buy it ?
Thank you very much

Patti said...

OOooh what a cutie! You know I would say go for it having just gone through this myself. I am so happy I did.