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Monday, January 01, 2007

Crystal (aka Chrissy)

Chrissy, the Dumb Blonde...Crystal is the Cadet's dog. We got her from the Golden Retriever Rescue about 9 years ago. She was abused, taken from a home where she was tied outside in the bitter cold. When Rescue got her, her feet were frozen to the ground so she walks on her tippy-toes. Her original name was Motley. Mike renamed her Crystal because he said she needed a feminine, pretty name. We love her to pieces.

She's a sweetheart even though she's not the brightest crayon in the box. She is exuberant and happy all of the time (except when the DH brushes her). She's the protector of Fraggles and I believe even though there's not a lot going on behind those eyes, she's really an old soul, wise beyond her years.

I caught her looking pensive this morning and I believe she was contemplating her New Year's resolutions...regrets, perhaps?


Vonna said...

Happy New Year Joanie!
I hope 2007 will be better to you!

Red said...

She's too cute!!!

Wendy said...

She is a gorgeous doggy! I would so love to have one of these....but too many allergy sufferers in my household unfortunately.

Happy New Year, Joanie!

Tessa said...

Chrissy is so lucky that you came into her life, or she came into yours?

Hoping that 2007 is the year of smiles.