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Monday, January 29, 2007

Thank you...

To all who have left words of comfort to me regarding my post about my dog, Fraggles, I want to say to each of you a very heartfelt thank you. It means so much to me that each of you thought to comment on my post. I am so blessed by all of you.
It's very hard coming home and not finding him waiting at the door.

Chrissy is very confused and I think she misses him. We've been showering her with attention, we've let her come into rooms of the house that were off limits previously to her and Fraggs. But I think she really needs companionship and I believe she is very lonely during the day so it's good that she can spend the evening hours in our company.

Yesterday, I felt like stitching for the first time in a couple of weeks. I made excellent progress on John. He actually showed some affection yesterday. I finished his house's roof and began bricking it up. I also finished the birds and rosebuds on the left side of the house. I am about 60% done with him and I am beginning to see the end of our relationship looming on the horizon. I stitched on him while going to see the Cadet, who is looking haggard and weary. To say I am worried about him would be an understatement. He is not eating properly nor is he getting adequate rest. We went and bought him groceries and a decent dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.

I also worked on Sarah, who is still a bit peeved at me.

Tonight, I plan on picking up John again. The bricks in his house are really a bright color and I am doing my best to get used to such vibrant colors in a repro sampler. My husband doesn't like this sampler (he doesn't like the colors) and I am very sure that the framer will have interesting things to say about him. I love him though, I love the charm of the sampler and I imagine that when the sampler was stitched, John was stitching where he lived. I imagine him as a beekeeper and gardener, who wanted to preserve his grand estate in linen. I imagine him as a gentleman farmer. Of course, this is ALL in my imagination. For all I know, John was none of those things. It's fun though to think about why this sampler was stitched and what was going through John's mind as he used such vibrant color in his sampler. I think the bees, the quaker motif and the birds and dogs drew me in and is the appeal for me.

Well, John is calling, I can't let the love of my needle waiting now, can I?

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Vonna said...

Glad to know that your moving along alright. I hope that the troubles with your cadet gets straightened out.
You just make me smile everytime you talk about your projects...sad thing I imagine lives for my projects too! LOL!
Have a good rest of the week!