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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Week's Summary

Gotta tell ya, working a full 48 hours this week was a killer. I thought Friday would NEVER GET HERE!!! My girlfriend said that the week felt 700 days long. I commented to the DH on Tuesday that I thought it was Thursday and he gently but firmly, dropped me back to reality. No dear, it's Tuesday. A long way from Thursday. Sigh...
At Chez Never Stitched This Week, the only time I picked up a needle was on Monday. Total needle time= ~2 hours. I worked on a Quaker motif for the back of one of those mattress style pincushions. I like those pincushions and I am fascinated with their construction.
Plus, I got into a funk and couldn't shake it. A lot of stuff is going on. A big work project hit my desk. THUD. There's a very ugly audit to close out. THUD. Our registration audit is 90 days out. THUD. The DH left for Pisacaway NJ for a 3 day business meeting, leaving me as the keeper of all four-legged creatures co-habitating with us. Meant I was up by 4:45 to let the dogs out, stoke the woodstove and the pellet stove, go feed & water the horses, barn cat and barn dog. Then clean 3 horses stalls. (Why do horses poop so much over night?) back in the house, get ready for work, leave by 7AM to return at 5:00PM to start the above routine all over again, except somewhere in that evening routine I had to make me something to eat (which turned out to be Honey Nut Shredded Wheat one evening, popcorn and Hershey chocolate the next and finally a yogurt the third night). Lights out by 9:30. So, the needle saw precious little of fabric. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing all of these things. I just have to find a little better way of managing my time so I can squeeze an hour of stitching in during times like these. See, stitching relaxes me. And I am sorely in need of relaxation from my somewhat overwrought week. Anyway, the DH is back and has taken over barn work again.
The other thing that's weighing heavy on me is that the Cadet is struggling mightily at school. I can't write about it just yet cause we haven't really gotten an opportunity to talk to him about it and I need to practice my calm voice and not get all harpy on him.

Oh on a brighter note, I did manage to lose a pound and a half this week! Yippie! Gosh, following the program = results. Go figure. I walked on my treadmill, did some hill and speed work. I set a goal of a pound a week. So, that means only 30.5 to go! I told myself that I must walk at least 3 times a week and journal. Journaling is really effective..(looking over the journal) hmm-m, I already had a hershey bar for 5 I want another and have to eat NOTHING for dinner tonight? Keeps you honest. Handling the water intake is not hard, I usually drink an ocean a day anyway.

So, my goals for stitching this weekend are to work on that pincushion, put a few strands of DMC into John Foster's house (I am building his roof) and finish the Cadet's Air Force piece (add charms and frame). Somewhat ambitious cause I have to clean the house a litte.

Sorry this was so long and without pictures. It's rainy here and unless the gloom lifts I can't take any cause they look ca-ca. I guess ol' man Winter is coming to town next week in Upstate...cold, freezing rain and significant ice for Sunday and Monday...temps in the really br-rr-r range too.

Thanks for stopping by and the next time, I promise stitching news.


BeckySC said...

Just sending you a ((((((((((((hug))))))))) my friend :)

Kiwi Jo said...

I hear you on the long week Joanie - I didn't think this week would ever end either! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend :)

Anonymous said...

At least you haven't lost your sense of humor. Next week will have to be better :-)

Carol said...

48 hours in a week? You poor thing - once the animals are fed, I say go stitch and watch football!!

Vonna said...

Yikes, that's a lot of work...! But it sounds like you're still smiling! Good luck with everything...can't wait for the pictures :)