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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yes!!! I've been stitching

Here's the proof!!!

Well, since this is to be a blog about stitching, I decided that I should actually POST about it instead of all the drama in my life. Makes for boring reading because my life sometimes reads like a Greek tragedy. Really, my life is blessed beyond anything that I could ever dreamed or hoped, it's just that posting my troubles helps me to work through them. Other than the 3 things that concern me, it's ALL GOOD!

First of all, this is an Indigo Rose freebie called Four Little Hearts. I stitched it with Vicki Clayton's Turkey Red. I want to make it into one of those biscourne, but I am completely freaked out about finishing it. I'm skeerd that I'll ruin it. Silly me, I know.

The Quaker girls:
Here's a picture of Sarah Tatum, the Quaker wench. She is the female version of John. I worked on her for a week and all I have to show for it is that little green unfinished motif at the top right of the sampler and a weenie bit underneath the second motif. Pff-fft. She's back in the bag.

And here's sweet Martha Pollard. I love her. She's been a joy to stitch when I've worked on her. Maybe she will see a bit of action this weekend since Sarah's been banished to her bag. I am stitching her on the linen that came in the kit and with Vicki Clayton silk in Basic Black. I have a 50 yard hank of the silk that I bought especially for Quaker samplers.

Last, oh, last is my love...sweet John. He's been a darling this last week. Notice that his house is almost built. I love John Foster. I worked on him ALL week. Last weekend, we took a drive to Rochester to see the Cadet and I finished up his roof on that ride. Then I decided that I would shower him with attention this week and my affections were rewarded. Sigh...isn't he just grand?

Oh, and lest I forget, because I had a rotten January, I indulged in retail therapy. Well, I had to go to the LNS to pick up a birthday gift for my partner who's birthday is this month. I got that giftie and picked up the following items (Note to Sue (Reds Thread) STOP READING NOW!!!!!):

The birthday gift
BOAF fabric for BOAF Peace sampler
Weeks Dye Works and GAST thread for Peace
Drawn Thread - Tocatta III
Drawn Thread - DEF
Latest issue of SANQ - did you see the Quaker photo frame!!! (oh, my heart, it's GORGEOUS!)
Carriagehouse Samplings - Bedtime prayer

I also got my order from Stitching Bits & Bobs too, but I ordered that way back in November. I think it traveled on the back of a slow snail...
And I pre-ordered Maria Spence from The Exemplaire and it came in the mail this week.

Oh...and to tempt you and me some more Stitches-N-Things is having a SuperBowl Sale...go check it out.

SO, it's off to finish the drudgery of mopping the kitchen floor and then I am spending the rest of the weekend with my needle and thread. For those of you who are football fans, I am rooting for the Colts. But mainly, I am going to watch the game for the commercials.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for coming by.


Anonymous said...

Wow, all of your pieces are just beautiful. I love the Quaker designs.

Carol said...

My gosh, you sure have been stitching! All are just gorgeous!

Vonna said...

Well now I'm going to have to leave my husband for John...MY GOODNESS he is a darling! I never knew!
All your other pieces are inspirational as well! My you've gotten a lot done!
That stash is WOW! Great!

I love stitches 'n things too!

And...I've been tossing the idea around about getting Vicki Clayton since your a user...what is your take on them?!
Take care Joanie and root for the COLTS!! Yeah! Indiana is going wild...and since I live 1 hour south of Indy...its a party 24/7 the last few days :)

Patti said...

Joanie, I'm so sorry to read about Fraggles. Sending hugs from me and Cowboy. Your stitching looks great and I hope it's been some comfort to you!