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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's SNOWING 24-30"!!!!

Oh goodness, we are to get tons of snow tonight! This storm is being billed as the a snow of *epic* proportions. The weather guy is predicting 24-30 inches with a possible additional accumulation of another 6 inches on Thursday, with bitter cold and blowing drifts. I know that David and I are going to work from home tomorrow. I already previewed that idea with the boss and he's ok with it. I'll work on my project plan and monitor my email. I guess ol' man winter has decided to make up for the mild winter we've had so far. At least we are in the middle of February, maybe we are on the down side of Winter now. But I'm not holding my breath, we've had snow in April....

I worked on John Foster tonight. His house is stitched now and I am getting close to a finish! I have to work the steps and dogs and finish up the borders and fir trees. If I can get some quality stitching in this weekend, maybe I'll be posting a finished John Foster by next week. Woo hoo! Then he'll visit the framer's immediately cause I want him hanging on my wall soon! Next up will be BOAF's Peace sampler. Another house sampler. What is it with house samplers? I just love them! And in March sometime, Sue (Red's Thread) and I will begin an informal SAL of Carriagehouse Sampling's, My Home Town. Looking forward to that stitch too!

Have you any favorites from market? I have a list. Carriagehouse Samplings, A Quaker Study, Hands to Work, Education, and did you see that cool tray from Hillside Samplings? Wowser!

Hillside Samplings: Folk Art Tray

From Plum Street Samplers, Praise:

Hands To Work, Education:

I love them all! Don't you???


Vonna said...

Oh, yes I love them and more...LOL! My DH is biting his nails thinking of ALL I NEED to have!

The snow is bad! We got hammered here in Indiana yesterday...but not 24-30 inches...YIKES! be safe!!!

Cindy said...

I'm trying very hard not to look at all of the pretty new things coming out :)

We got hit with the snow yesterday here in northern Illinois. We only got about 8 inches, but it has been so windy that the snow plows have to keep going back over the roads. Stay in and keep warm :)

Wendy said...

A friend who is a shopowner is in Nashville with my list and I'm sure a few other things will end up in my bag before I'm done!

We have snow but not nearly as much as you, much to my son's disappointment - he was hoping for a Snow Day.

Red said... was fun perusing all the new designs...Loved the Quaker Study and knew you would too. Enjoy staying home...I'm still waiting to be released...may have to drive in since one of the Senior managers managed to...Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Love all the charts you've shown. We're getting nailed with our first big snowstorm this year in NH.

Karoline said...

Aren't they lovely, the Hillside Samplings tray is already ordered LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing the completed John Foster

Barbara said...

Hello Joanie! Happy Valentine's Day! Today I received your Valentine's exchange from the SBEBB and I LOVE it! Thanks so very much!!

Von said...

I don't think we've EVER had that much snow accumulation, it piles up in the nearby mountain ranges tho -- thank goodness! Stay safe and warm!