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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh....look at this!

Wowser! From Carriagehouse Samplings!!! Oh, it's wonderful, don't you think?

Tonight, I worked on John's house and I am 3/4 of the way done with it. I am working on the door right now and only have the right side next to the door to finish. I believed that stitching the house would be boring, but really it's not at all and it's moving right along! I think I'll be able to finish John before March 1st, that's if things continue the way they are going now and John doesn't decide to get peevish on me.

Vonna asked how I like Vicki Clayton's silks. I love them!!!! They are nice to work with, don't tangle and they are inexpensive for such nice quality. I've used her silks in a number of things, Sarah Tatum, Wild Roses, my unfinished Quaker RR, just to name a few of the projects off the top of my head. Right now, My Hometown is kitted with her silks (but I am toying with using AVAS). The nice thing about Vicki's silks is that she offers her silks in a premium thickness so you can stitch on 32ct or a lower fabric with one strand. Plus, her silks have the coolest names...Jambu, Rufus, Dragon oil, Wenge...Vicki's a sweetie and her customer service is top shelf. I am a satisfied customer, not affiliated in any way with her business.

Check out her website:
Hand-dyed Fibers

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's off to bed with me!
Thanks again for stopping!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The carriage house design is wonderful. Wish Vicki Clayton sold wholesale so we could carry them in the shop, you make them sound great. I am using NPI silks and love them too. Happy Stitching, CJ

Vonna said...

Thanks for your take on her silks...I've been toying and toying with the idea of getting some and I think you sold me :)