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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi there, some new it was very cold but sunny in Upstate NY and I caught our little sweetie girl sleeping in the sunshine. I thought she was really cute and looked so comfy. Don't you agree?

Updated John Foster, my darling. I haven't worked on him at all this week. I took a break from him. He joined me at work one day at lunch, I thought that stitching in the sunlight (my desk is next to a window) I could get by using my cheater glasses. But on 36count, no such luck. I spent more time frogging than stitching that hour. So, I asked Martha to join me at lunch for the rest of the week and probably this week too.
John's house is almost done, I wish mine was in reality. We've contacted a lawyer, sent a certified letter to the contractor and gave him a deadline. I doubt that I will hear from him, so I see a lawsuit in our future.

On Martha, I got the doves almost finished on Friday and began the third motif on the left side. It's easier to stitch with my reading glasses at work.

There wasn't much stitching in the evenings this week, really there is so much going on that I needed a little break from it all. I did fondle my stash though, and I have been reading everyone's posts and drooling over finishes.

I migrated my blog to the *new* blogger, I hope that I like it. I avoided the Beta version as long as possible. But today, when I tried to log in to post, I was forced to convert. Ok.

Tonight, I am not sure what I am going to stitch, I want to stitch something, but what? We'll have to see....

This week, we are scheduled for our first big snowfall of the season - 8-12 inches. I hope to work from home on Wednesday, that is, if my boss allows it. On Tuesday, I am attending a Project Management class at the Community College. I like taking classes once in awhile, it's a nice break from the routine.

Oh, I did receive my Valentine's exchange from Paula. She stitched a lovely heart pillow for me. I LOVE IT!!! Pictures soon, I promise. I am waiting for my exchange piece to reach a f-a-r destination. I hope that my recipient likes it, I made a cool biscourne, and I sweated the finishing but it came out GREAT!!!!

Well, the needle calls, it'll be the first time this entire weekend I picked up my work, so I want to get busy. The Devil Wears Prada is on the DVD player....

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments, I love visiting with you! Have a great Monday and I hope everyone had a great weekend too!


Vonna said...

All your projects just look wonderful everyone is just coming along so well!

We're in the same band of snow...but here in Indiana where I live they don't know what "form" it will be rain (which I really doubt), ice or snow...I would much rather have snow to ice.

Take care, stay warm and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks just wonderful. I've always liked that John Foster sampler.

Von said...

So sorry to hear you're having to take the contractor to court. Hope you're able to get fair recompense for all the trouble you've been thru!

Sylvie said...

Your kittie is adorable

piko said...

What a pretty kitten!! She makes me warm feelings.:)
By the way,your stitchs are wonderful! I love your choice to stitch.They are similar to mine. :)

Nancy K. said...

Hey Joanie:

My Earl looks about the same colors as your sleeping beauty - he's just got a bit more tabby possibly. But the same tan with grey.
Take care, Nancy