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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Second Stringers

Yesterday, while on the hunt for something else in my stash, I came across my second stringers, the Works in Progress that are sittin' the bench with Sarah the Quaker wench. I thought I'd share them with you. Actually, they have migrated downstairs into the family room because I need some motivation to work on the WIPS and not start anything NEW or be totally tempted by the pictures of the new things coming out from Nashville Market next week.

First is Carriagehouse Samplings, Wild Roses. I am stitching this sampler in memory of my Aunt Jay, who was the Wild Rose in our family. Aunt Jay was my Mom's oldest sister. She raised my Mom and 3 other sisters after their Mom & Dad died and later raised 4 hellions of her own. She is the Aunt I most admired, although each of my Mom's sisters passed on valuable lessons to me and my other cousins. During my teenage years, I visited with her everyday of the summer. She told me stories of when she and my Mom and other sisters grew up, we talked about life and love and she gave me advice that I still use this very day. Aunt Jay spoke her mind and would go nose to nose with anyone. She taught me all about patriotism and politics (she worked for the Democratic party during elections). I could count on her to keep my secrets. This sampler is stitched on a piece of 40ct Lakeside Linen, not sure of the name, with Vicki Clayton silk. I stopped stitching on it cause I am not in love with this silk conversion. I may scrap it and start again with the recommended Needlepoint Silks.

Next is Hillside Samplings, Tree of Life. This is what the original sampler looks like:

Once in awhile, I get creative and fudge patterns, so I decided to add one of my favorite Bible verses from Hebrews, about entertaining strangers that actually are angels. I believe in my life I have entertained angels unaware. I know my Mom and her sisters did during the depression, as the house where they grew up in was marked as a place for Hobos to visit.

Stitched on 32ct Lakeside Linen in Fawn with Needlepoint Silks. I will add some speciality stitches to the house and the pots of flowers and I changed the colors to suit the room where it will eventually hang.

The last WIP is my Quaker RR. I don't know if I will ever finish it. It holds a lot of awful memories. Even now, looking at it makes me angry. I was in this RR during the time that my Dad passed away and I fell behind, so my piece came home early and incomplete. I believe I am the first stitcher in the history of Round Robins who was UNANIMOUSLY voted off the Round Robin Island. Am I bitter about this experience? Yes. But I learned valuable lessons because of it:
A. Communication.
B. Nothing, not even death, can get in the way of a round robin.
C. Round robins, although they result in beautiful and creative pieces are to be avoided by me.
Stitched with Vicki Clayton premium black silk on 32 ct. Lakeside Exemplar linen.

Today, I am working on Martha. John is taking a much needed rest, like toddlers, he needs a nap once in awhile, otherwise, he gets cross and down right onery. I am stitching a dove motif on Martha and I think she'll spend the evening with me while the Superbowl is on. Gee, this will be a switch, I'll be stitching during the game and taking a break to watch the commercials...


Chelle said...

I LOVE what you are doing with Tree of Life. How kewl is that? Wild Roses looks great. So sweet that you're making it a memorial piece.

About your Quaker RR, I have to ask...are you planning to finish it so you can use it as a dart board? :o) Personally, I could never finish it with that many bad memories (and that much angst) surrounding it. Have you considered letting it go? Sell it or give it away. Quakers are so popular right now, I bet you could easily find a buyer. Or rip out ALL of the stitching and use that nice piece of fabric for something fresh and new. (Mail it to me and I'll be happy to frog it for you!) It might be more cathartic to take a pair of scissors to it and cut it into nice tiny pieces. Bottom line, why keep something around that makes you angry just to look at it? Turn the page and go on to the next chapter. {{HUGS}}

Carol said...

I love your Wild Roses! I have Vicki's silk pack for that too, and hope to get to it one day, sooner than later!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love what you have rescued from your UFO pile. You must finish these, they are all beautiful.

Vonna said...

I love all of UFP and honestly the words about your Aunt brought tears to my eyes. I think your bible verse is a wonderful addition. What a wonderfully strong person your Aunt must have been :)

Well that RR story is one of a kind. That makes me a little nervous about RR's....I think I'd trash it..

Wendy said...

Those are some great pieces, I'm so glad you have brought them back out. Except that poor RR piece, what an awful experience for you. I think as the others have said, I would just toss it. If you still like the design, restart it fresh.

I've had only good RR experiences, I hope you give them another try one day.

Von said...

I love how you're adding the Bible verse to Tree of Life, Joanie. :) What a great idea!

We just lost a dear aunt on Saturday, so I'm especially appreciative of the stories of your Aunt Jay. What a wonder she was!

Barbara said...

Wow, your second stringers are gorgeous! Definately finish them. As for the Quaker RR, if it really upsets you, I 'm sure you could find someone to adopt it. RRs can bring the best - or the worst - out in our sister stitchers. I find your experience appalling, but I hope it won't put you off RRs forever.

Adana said...

Just know that you aren't on the RR Island out there alone. I'm sure that's my address as well, so we should find each other and have a party. It seems to those who have nothing better to do with their time than to sit home and stitch all day they don't "GET IT" when someone who works for a living and has a family cannot live up to their expectations, and heaven forbid that a death in the family get in the way....OMG I know that's not allowed at all. I have a couple of RRs in my house that bring a big frown to my face when I unfold them, but I plan to do the CEREMONIAL BURN on them one day. I have to send out invitations to some friends to join in and dance around the bonfire with me as they do understand what I was going thru at the time. Don't let it bring out the worst in you, cut it up if you must and make fobs, salvage what you can, or as suggested use it as a dartboard, I like that a lot.

Senorita Stitches said...

I think it's deplorable that you were unanimously voted off. How hurtful! It makes me angry for you. You've been given some good ideas here - put it up for adoption, make smaller projects out of it, destroy it, etc. If you decide to finish it I'd be honored to add some motifs for you, or even finish it. I bet some of your other readers would stitch a medallion too. Perhaps you could turn this horrific experience around to a positive. ((hugs))